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Mitt Romney to campaign with Miami congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo next week


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to campaign Monday in Miami with congressional candidate Carlos Curbelo.

Romney lost the vote in Florida's 26th congressional district to President Barack Obama by 7 percentage points in 2012. The district extends from Westchester to Key West.

Yet Romney's still a big name in GOP circles, and he's the latest Republican establishment member to endorse Curbelo, a Miami-Dade School Board member who's in a five-way primary to challenge Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia. The others running are Cutler Bay Mayor Ed MacDougall, former County Commissioner Joe Martinez, attorney Lorenzo Palomares-Starbuck and former Congressman David Rivera.

Curbelo and Romney are scheduled to visit a West Kendall bakery Monday afternoon.


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ed jenkins

The citizens do not care who campaigns with whom. They are just tired of the corruption and lack of ethics by their representatives in this district, the unethical rivera and the about to be indicted Garcia. they will take anyone other than these two.

Danny Terrio

Good comment Mr. Jenkins.

Curbelo has too many $$$$ donors and that means a lot of favors owed should he get elected. So it's more like those who vote for him get put at the bottom of the totem pole unless they put in the $$$. There are other candidates like Ed MacDougall and Joe Martinez who have a lot longer history of good public service and never took an endorsement they didn't earn. I think this endorsement and campaign visit by Romney is dubious at best in my humble opinion.


Or maybe it's just that the Republican Party recognizes a legitamate candidate that can win against Garcia and are supporting him.

Mike Pagle

It's been noted widely that Curbelo supports Common Core, something most Republicans oppose. In addition, he has done work as a political lobbyist for casinos. It might be that Curbelo is in touch with the high profile big $$$$ donors that have been funding his campaign, but he is certainly out of touch with many voters on some of his views. He has only a few years as a school board member and that's it.

In addition, the local Republican Party even mentioned they weren't going to endorse any candidate until after the primary, but that didn't stop several local members from endorsing him early. Hypocrisy at it's worst.

I also believe that Martinez or MacDougall could pick off Garcia and certainly don't have Curbelo's baggage.

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