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Month after hunting trip, Scott taps King Ranch employee for SFWMD



A month after Gov. Rick Scott took a secret hunting trip to the King Ranch in Texas last year, he faced a big decision.

A seat had come open on the board that oversees Florida's efforts on the multibillion-dollar project to repair damage to the Everglades caused by agriculture. To fill that position, Scott picked a corporate executive named Mitchel A. "Mitch" Hutchcraft.

Hutchcraft's major qualification for a seat on the board of South Florida Water Management District: He is the vice president in charge of the King Ranch's Florida agricultural acreage.

"That's astounding," said David Guest of the Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund, which has repeatedly sued the agency over its protection of Lake Okeechobee and other water-related issues.

Scott's announcement of Hutchcraft's appointment in March 2013 made no mention of what the governor's staff called a fundraising trip the month before. Scott's trip wasn't listed anywhere on his official calendar, nor is there any mention of King Ranch donations from that period in his campaign finance reports.

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Bill McCollum

Oy vey.

How did I ever lose to this guy?

ed jenkins

The citizens are pleased that this scott looks beyond the state's borders to find the people he thinks are best for jobs in his administration.

Keith Stegath

Bill - that has to hurt. Now you know how Gore felt when he "lost" to Bush.

So Bill, are you going to vote for Scott? If that idea is too revolting and you can't stop retching at the idea of another four years, look at the bottom of the ballot. When voting for Governor, there is a place to write-in a name. I suggest you write: Keith Stegath.


Bill McCollum

Yeah it still hurts real bad.

Publicly I gotta bite my lip and lay low in the race because I'm a good party man.

However in the privacy of the booth I am free to do what is right!

Can't take anymore

If Scott is still so blatantly selling out Florida's environment by appointing a Texas/GOP/Big Business shill it should give Charlie some good TV attack ad material (if he can afford to run them). Look at how the "Shipyard Boy" he appointed to DEP has devastated that agency. There will be nothing left here if Scott gets to finish a second term.

Keith Stegath

Bill, Bill, Bill - Being a "good party man" (DEM or GOP) is why this country is such a mess. If you really care about this country and want to help fix this mess, biting your lip and laying low is not a solution; it only perpetuates our malaise and decline.

The sooner disgruntled "party men" (GOP or DEM) say "enough is enough", the greater our chance of slowing our rate of decline into the abyss. If we don't get our act together and stop our slide, it will take generations to climb out.

Is that what you want? Do want to be remembered as, "Bill McCollum: even though he and the GOP disliked Rick Scott, he towed the party line"?

Bill McCollum

You are right. I can't continue to live a lie.

I must set myself free of this Rick Scott shakles!

Bill Thompson

This most qualified corporate executive will be able to lead the effort to convert the everglades into productive agricultural land that will provide livestock and produce to feed our country. The children that are streaming over our border with mexico are an inexpensive source of labor that can work to convert the everglades into productive agricultural land. Excellent choice by the scumbag Scott.

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