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Pam Bondi: Let the U.S. Supreme Court decide gay marriage


Rather than argue Florida's gay-marriage debate at the state Supreme Court, Attorney General Pam Bondi says she'd rather wait until the U.S. Supreme Court settles the issue nationally, once and for all.

“Neither this Court nor the Florida Supreme Court can decide this federal issue with finality,” Bondi wrote in a filing late Thursday to the state’s 3rd District Court of Appeal. “The United States Supreme Court, however, ‘has the final word on the United States Constitution.’”

Bondi told the appeals court she expects the U.S. Supreme Court will act soon on the gay marriage issue. She cited filings this week from the states of Utah and Oklahoma asking their gay-marriage cases be heard by the nation’s highest court.

“A ruling from the United States Supreme Court would end the constitutional debate, end this appeal, and end all related cases,” Bondi wrote. “The State of Florida will respect the United States Supreme Court’s final word. In the meantime, this Court should preserve taxpayer and judicial resources by staying briefing until the United States Supreme Court rules.”

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Well, abdicating any responsibility for resolving an issue seems par for the course for Bondi.

Pam Bondi has been, since I've lived in FL (moved here just before Hurricane Andrew - welcome to Florida!) the most useless Florida Attorney General.

She won campaigning on repealing 'Obamacare' and/or because she's attractive and/or because she had money behind her to get lots of professionally printed signs placed more than 50 feet from polling places in 2010 and/or because she had an R after her name (why should candidates for AG race show party affiliation? That should not even be on the ballot, but that’s another issue entirely).

Since being elected, what has she actually done? I seriously would love to hear from anyone who knows a story of a Pam Bondi accomplishment. Since she's been AG for almost 4 years, you'd think there would be lots of stories and no problem finding one, or better yet, two, five, ten, etc.

But if one is all you can find, that suggests she should still be replaced in the next election.

I happen to have a story of a certain AG Bill McCollum who helped me with something of a business nature. He was very helpful and went to bat for me, average Floridian citizen. I was very, very upset that he did not win the Republican primary for governor in 2010 but as I am a registered democrat I had no say in that choice.

I hope those of you who didn’t vote for McCollum in the 2010 primary because that Rick Scott ad told you he took money from Big Sugar have been paying attention - Rick Scott has taken lots of money from Big Sugar and loosened environmental regulations to let them pollute without any oversight and perhaps more importantly, without any fiscal responsibility to pay for cleaning up their mess.

Don’t vote for Scott or Bondi just because they have an R next to their names.

L. Mullins

Neither will get the votes in our household. Bigots and racists. Just plain ignorance.


There is no guarantee that the Supreme Court will ever take any case involving same-sex marriage. Waiting for them to do so, might be a very long wait, indeed. That would deny due process to the couples who are the plaintiffs in these cases.

The suits should continue in state court. IF (not when) the Supreme Court does take a case on this issue, then the state case should pause to wait for that decision...

ed jenkins

This Bondi has earned her place as the citizens favorite politician by following their wishes. Though it should not have been necessary, the citizens once again recently re-affirmed their views that they do not want these perverted activities going on in their family friendly state by overwhelming margins. They want no more reporting of these most horrible activities in their home town paper on matters that have been steeled since the founding of this country and want their law enforcement officials to enforce their unnatural acts laws that they put in place long ago.

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