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Police official breaks law to advocate against medical marijuana


North Miami Beach became the latest flashpoint in Florida’s medical-marijuana fight when a police official broke state law by improperly emailing out political talking-points from opponents of the ballot initiative that voters will decide in November.

Residents, city leaders and medical-marijuana advocates were fired up that Commander Tom Carney sent the “Truth About Medical Marijuana” email from his official work account — and that he then resent the "deceptive" email when city managers quickly forced him to send a follow-up explaining he did not intend to break the law.

“From the get go it shouldn't have been disseminated and then when it was done wrong the first time, it didn't need to be compounded the second time,” City Councilwoman Barbara Kramer wrote in an email to city officials Friday after a constituent complained about Carney’s politicking on the taxpayer dime.

“Guess I'm not the only one who thinks the PD shouldn't be sending this out,” she wrote.

Under state law, non-elected public officials are generally prohibited from engaging in electoral politics by using their public office, computers or email accounts – especially when they’re supposed to be doing their public jobs.

A violation is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by a maximum year in jail and a $1,000 fine. That’s the same penalty for personal marijuana possession in Florida.

Medical-marijuana proponents say the controversy highlights the lengths to which law-enforcement and some government officials will go to defeat the proposed constitutional amendment on November’s ballot.

“It is unfortunate that a member of a law-enforcement agency would break the law in the service of denying relief to suffering Floridians who could be helped by medical marijuana,” added Ben Pollara, executive director for United for Care, which is leading the effort to pass the amendment.

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Brion Eduardo

The real news here is that criminally-active cops are even considered news anymore.
Crime-by-cop IS the new normal.

ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful for this noble policeman educating the public about the dangers of dangerous illegal drugs and do not agree that this was an election related activity but instead a part of the job of a policeman trying to protect and serve the citizens.

William C.

So I guess this officer would rather someone become addicted to prescription drugs? Would he prefer the terminally ill be denied relief? I guess God wears a blue uniform.




Is the officer being charged with a crime? I'm sure if he found somebody w their medicine, he would arrest them and they would face the same penalties as he should be facing!!

ed jenkins

As we have seen abusers of dangerous illegal drugs who do not take responsibility for the worthless lives they leave place blame on others for the situations they find themselves in. The citizens who are mostly upstanding individuals greatly appreciate the efforts of their police officers and especially this one who educates the public of the dangerous of these dangerous illegal drugs and do not consider his actions to have anything to do with elections.

Parent who wants a natural remedy

It seems that everyone has an agenda these days. The bottom line is that many children with epilepsy and many cancer victims, and others are truly granted relief from their illnesses with this natural remedy. Many people abuse prescription drugs and always will, no law will ever stop that. But we don't make all drugs illegal if they help people for legitimate medical purposes. Medical Marijuana will be tracked just like any other drug, and if people decide to grow it themselves or sell it illegally or unregulated, they will be breaking the law and should be arrested. If we continue to keep this drug illegal for medical purposes it forces people who are helped by it grow it and self medicate. And they get arrested. That is wrong.

But with respect to law enforcement opposing it, the bottom line is keeping it illegal provides and preserves many jobs for the police and corrections officers, it keeps their union dues flowing, and it is job security for them. But the biggest loss the police departments would suffer if Amendment 2 is passed is the additional funding the departments receive from all of the confiscated belongings of 'offenders'. Many of those offenders are ill and only trying to get relief. Many do belong in jail because they just want to get high. And if amendment 2 passes, the recreational users will still go to jail.

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