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President Clinton to campaign with Charlie Crist on Friday


President Bill Clinton will use his star power to ramp up support for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on Friday in Miami.

The rally will be held at 6 p.m. at the J.W. Marriott Marquis hotel. Members of the public who wish to attend must RSVP at www.charliecrist.com/bill-clinton-sept5.

In announcing the event, Crist said he was "over the moon." Here is more from an email to supporters:

"President Clinton's been fighting on the front lines for years on the issues we care about: Equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage, expanding health care to everyone who needs it, and making sure that everyone has a fair shot at success.

He's better than anyone at explaining why what we're doing matters.

I'm looking forward to kicking off the final two months of this campaign with him."


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are extremely disappointed that these horrible memories of the past have been dragged out by the scumbag crist after hoping to forget about a president that they were once proud of for his help in ending payments to non-working americans and cutting their capital gains taxes while slowing the pace of growth of spending by their government. However democrat primary voters were horrified by the immoral behavior by this most horrible man and his many sexual affairs as well as his incredible dishonesty with the citizens. The last they heard of him he was became only the 2nd president impeached and left office in disgrace and the citizens never wanted to hear from him again but this scumbag crist drags these horrible memories out again which is yet another reason democrat primary voters want this scumbag crist removed from their ballots immediately.

Voice of reason

Poor ed is still posting. He predicted that the nancy lady would soundly defeat Crist. Boy was he wrong.

Then the nancy lady endorsed Crist. Boy was he ever wrong again.

How can one person be wrong so often?

Give em hell Charlie!

An informed voter

Ed you have been wrong about everything you have posted so far, Charlie won the primary by overwhelming numbers and Nan is supporting him.

Why don't you stop making yourself look like an idiot.

Bill Clinton is very popular with moderate voters and his support will help Crist. Charlie Crist can win this race if he runs a goood campaign, he has to turn out women, moderates, hispanics and african americans.

Bill Thompson

Bill Clinton remains the most popular politician in the USA and voters recall with fondness the years of robust prosperity and job growth during the Clinton years and would like to forget the Bush 41 & 43 years with their recessions and fiscal and economic disasters.


Shut the hell up you loser thompson. no one wants to hear your whining you welfare collecting leach.


I just RSVP'd.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Can't take anymore

Having Bill Clinton actively campaigning for him ought to offset about $50 million of Skeletor's TV ad smear campaign against Charlie Crist. Hell, everybody already knows Rick Scott hates old people and children and that he eats kittens so Charlie can forgo ads pointing this out.

Irony Curtain

Were any other raping, serial sexual predators on hand to stump for Crist, or was it just Clinton?

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