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Rick Scott affirms support for Medicaid expansion, sticks to pro-business principles on health policy


Rick Scott swept into the Governor's Mansion fueled by his scorn for President Barack Obama's health reform law. So, when Scott announced last year that he supported expanding Medicaid — a centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act — the nation was amazed.

In an interview with the Times/Herald Friday, Scott reaffirmed his support for Florida taking $51 billion in federal money to provide health insurance for up to 1 million poor Floridians. And he said he sees no contradiction in the positions he has taken.

"While they spend 100 percent, I'm not going to stand in the way of the federal government doing something," he said. "What I'm not willing to do is put Florida taxpayers on the hook. … I've been very consistent and let's all remember that Obamacare is an absolute bad bill for patients, for families, for employers, for employees."

Now, as he seeks re-election, Scott said Friday that his pro-business views on health policy — honed as he led the nation's largest hospital chain — are firmly in place.

His actions on health-related issues as governor confirm it.

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Robert Jenkins

Not to mention his Wife and her company will rake in millions off of this expansion.

ed jenkins

The citizens have long ago stated that they do not want their money confiscated to pay the bills of others. Charities exist for those that find themselves in this situation who truly in need and they do not consider in need to be those that spent large amounts of money on extravagant meals luxury autos and homes or even worse dangerous illegal drugs.

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