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Rick Scott leads Charlie Crist in Chamber poll


A newl poll of likely Florida voters for the Republican-leaning Florida Chamber of Commerce finds Floridians increasingly bullish on the direction of the state, and Republican Gov. Rick Scott leading likely Democratic nominee Charlie Crist 44 percent to 41 percent. When Libertarian nominee Adrian Wyllie is thrown into the mix, Gov. Scott leads 41 percent to 35 percent for Crist with 4 percent for the little-known Wyllie.

“While top concerns for voters remain jobs and the economy, their support of Governor Scott is a signal they approve of his strong ability to create private-sector jobs,” said Marian Johnson, Executive Director of the Florida Chamber Political Institute.  “This is evidenced by the fact that 43 percent of the voters believe Florida’s unemployment rate is lower since Rick Scott took office.”

The Aug. 10-13 live telephone poll by Tallahassee-based Cherry Communications has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

The good news for Scott allies, notably the sponsors of this poll, is not just that Scott leads but that respondents appear to feel pretty good about the direction of the state under Scott. And only 41 percent of the likely voteres survyed approved of President Obama’s job performancem while 54 percent disdapproved.Scott leads Crist  by six percentage point among independents, 14 percent of whom said they would vote for Wyllie.

From the Chamber:

•    Of the 627 Florida likely voters polled, 29 percent rank job creation and the economy as their top issues, and

•    For six straight months, a plurality of voters believe the Sunshine State is headed in the right direction – 43 percent. (Based on Florida Chamber polling conducted in February 2014, June 2014 and August 2014.)

Governor Rick Scott’s job approval rating continues to remain positive, with 50 percent of likely voters approving of the job he’s doing. At the same time, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s favorability continues to drop – down to 36 percent from 41 percent in June.

“I believe a major reason Charlie Crist is visibly losing support is because voters are beginning to realize that Rick Scott’s private-sector pro-jobs plan is working and that Florida continues to move in the right direction,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Crist fans can and will take plenty of solace that, after more than $25-million in negative ads against Crist and barely a fraction of that against Scott, it still looks like essentiially a margin of error race even in a poll sponosred by a staunch ally of Rick Scott.

More Cross tabs:

Candidate    Dem      Rep    Other    Male    Female
Scott             11       73      31        47        35
Crist              70        8      25        30         41
Wyllie             2         3      14         6          2
Other              6         3      10         4          7
Undecided        11      13       17       13        15




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ed jenkins

The readers thought after several good weeks that their wishes were being listen to about printing news in their hometown paper but it appears yet another horrible article writer ahs appeared who insists on reprinting opinion surveys as news. The readers once again state that they do not consider opinion surveys news and want no more of this nonsense in their hometown paper.


Any incumbent governor who has been 'doing a good job' as governor should have no problem getting a result of over 50% in any of these polls.

Also, it is unlikely the significantly large number of undecideds will vote for Scott, for the same reasons - they've had 3 1/2 years, they should know already whether they want him back.

Using the data from above and averaging the percentages from the Male and Female voters' columns, if everyone who responded they were Undecided or voting for Other voted for Wyllie, Wyllie would still only have 23.5% and Scott would win with only 41% of the vote. That means nearly 60% of Floridans who did not want Scott as governor will be stuck with him.

That 14% Undecided is so significant, it makes these polls pretty useless for any meaningful prognostication.

Interesting to note the significant difference between male and female voters only between Scott and Crist, while male and female voters are almost equally in favor of the other candidates or are undecided.

More women getting out to vote could be a significant factor in this very important race.


I hope the voters will eventually see the shallowness of Charlie Crist. Electing Crist would be a huge step backwards for Florida.

Joe Kreps

You have a choice. Vote for Nan Rich in the primary.


@ Joe It is YOU who we will be blaming when Scott is re-elected. Rich has done more to help Scott then he himself could ever do. Why is it that when someone realizes the errors of their ways and comes to our side we have to hate them? Why? He did the right thing. He should be respected, not hated. He would have been far better off politically staying a Republican. Don't forget that this man was almost chosen to be McCain's VP. He had a future in the Republican party. But he left all that because he felt it was wrong to be a part of it. He wanted to do the right thing and be a Democrat. Why must we hate him for this? Nan Rich is a monster, go to her Facebook page and post something negative about Rick Scott, you'll be banned, I know this because she banned me. Yet there are tons of anti-Charlie posts and she has no problem with them! She is killing our chances at finally getting a Democratic governor. I would not be surprised at all if she is actually being funded by Rick Scott.

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