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Rick Scott's progress on 700,000 jobs promise

Careering into the August primary, Gov. Rick Scott's promise to create more than 700,000 jobs in seven years has either suffered a hiccup or continues unabated, depending on your point of view.

July jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show Florida lost 1,600 jobs last month -- or gained 2,100, if you ask Scott. He has consistently ignored losses in government employment and touted private sector growth. The state has lost 25,400 government jobs during Scott's term, U.S. Labor Department economist Timothy Ewing told PolitiFact Florida.

His office on Aug. 15, 2014, crowed about the state's private businesses adding 620,300 jobs since December 2010. He also noted the unemployment rate, which is not vital to this particular promise, was down to 6.2 percent.

The Scott-O-Meter only counts jobs since Scott took office in January 2011, and is calculated using BLS numbers for seasonally adjusted, nonfarm work that includes changes in government employment. We put the total through July at 594,900, still short of the 700,000 goal. Actually, that should be the 1.7 million goal.
To see how PolitiFact Florida rated the status of his job promise in August, turn to Joshua Gillin's update.


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ed jenkins

The citizens know that jobs created are not something a governor has executive control over but are merely a product of the business friendly environment that the governor promotes. They greatly appreciate what this scott has done to promote a business friendly environment which is a great improvement from the disastrous state the scumbag crist left him with. Democrat primary voters are disgusted that their party leaders would give preferred status to such a horrible man who is the most unpopular former governor in the state because of the horrible condition he left the state to pursue selfish interests. They are horrified that party leaders are the only ones who cannot see that the scumbag crist was sent as a Trojan horse by republican party leaders to destroy the party.

Highly paid Republican operative

Only one more day and ed and the nancy lady will be finished!


Hey ed, or anybody, what exactly has Scott done? I mean, name something exactly. Then can you show the evidence that any policy he enacted resulted in the job increases we have seen? And which of those policies were particularly different from what Crist did as governor?

Fact is, w'd have seen about the same job growth had we voted for Alex Sink in 2010.

Heck, we might even have had a lower unemployment rate a lot earlier because she likely would not have taken as much of a Ginzu knife to public sector jobs (something noted in the article).

So, we would have had about the same economic gains, but would not have had a whole lot of other very awful things; money wasted defending unconstitutional drug testing laws springs to mind, plus the unregulated polluters, giveaways to Big Sugar-Big Energy, a governor flying around in his own plane and using private e-mails to be unaccountable to us. We would probably be two years into having high speed rail, more people who desperately need it not just for themselves but the the health of the whole community would be covered by Medicaid, and that's just a couple of things I can think of off the top of my head.

Why would anybody vote for Rick Scott?


Are the citizens of Florida better off because there are 25,400 fewer government employees? NO! In many counties, the school board is the biggest employer - our children are not better off! Has Governor Scott done anything good for the average Floridian? NO! All the "savings" from those 25K+ lost government jobs go to the wealthy and well connected in the form of crony crapitalism and corporate welfare.

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