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RPOF: NextGen Climate Action "falsely" attacked Scott

Days after billionaire climate-change supporter Tom Steyer blasted Gov. Rick Scott in two ads, the Republican Party of Florida is hitting back.

On Monday, the party released an ad denying claims that Scott had accepted campaign contributions from the Dan A. Hughes Co., a Texas oil company accused of conducting unauthorized drilling activities at its Collier County site.

What's more, the ad said Democratic candidate for governor Charlie Crist had "failed to keep his commitments" to the Everglades and travelled to campaign events on private jets owned by polluters. (Last month, Crist flew to an environmental press conference on a jet belonging to developer James Finch, whose company was twice fined for pollution.)

In a statement, RPOF Chairman Leslie Dougher linked Steyer to President Obama, saying the two had met right after Steyer announced plans to spend millions to elect Democrats.

"Obama badly wants to save Crist, one of the only politicians in America who has fully endorsed Obamacare and says it's 'great,'" Dougher said. 

But Crist spokesman Brendan Gilfillan said Crist's record on the Everglades and the environment "speaks for itself."

"Rick Scott was a fake environmentalist for three days last week but Floridians will judge him based on three years of gutting environmental enforcement, halting work on key Everglades restoration projects, trying to sell environmentally sensitive state lands, and proposing oil drilling in the Everglades -- all to help his big donors make more money," Gilfillan said.

The RPOF ad will run in Fort Myers and West Palm Beach, where Steyer's ads are running.