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Rush Limbaugh says U.S. leads in climate change denial

After a 26-year crusade against "environmentalist wackos," Rush Limbaugh has emerged triumphant, according to the conservative radio host himself.

Citing recent findings by market researchers Ipsos MORI, Limbaugh said on his July 22, 2014, radio show that the United States leads the pack in questioning climate change, and he’s taking all the credit.

"Fifty-four percent of Americans agreed with the statement, 'The climate change we are currently seeing is largely the result of human activity,’ " he said. "Why would the U.S. be the leading nation with the highest amount of doubt about the conventional wisdom of climate change? Why do you think that would be?  I think that's exactly right: Me. There's just no other explanation"

Whether Limbaugh is giving praise where praise is due, we can’t know for sure. But we did want to check out his claim that America leads in climate change skepticism. Read what PunditFact's Linda Qiu found.