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Scott calls for review of new education standards, state assessments

Late last week, an election-minded Gov. Rick Scott released a plan to increase per-pupil spending.

On Monday, he followed up with a proposal to review the state's new education benchmarks and assessments, and increase investments into digital learning, school safety and both reading and math instruction. 

"We want to make sure that our students have every opportunity to succeed in the classroom and in their careers, and we want to make sure our teachers have every tool they need to make that possible," Scott said in a statement.

Scott also said he would pursue "additional strategies to keep the cost of college low" and require colleges and universities to notify the public about proposed tuition increases.

Education has become a focus of the gubernatorial contest.

Earlier this month, Democratic candidate Charlie Crist visited five Florida cities in a yellow school bus promising to restore the cuts to public education funding.

Crist campaign spokesman Kevin Cate said he doubted Scott's latest proposal would sway voters.

"There isn't an election-eve promise big enough to make parents and teachers forget that Rick Scott cut education K-12 education funding by $1.3 billion after a failed attempt to cut $4.8 billion," he said.


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B baker

The only way to fix education is to take control from the Federal level and return it to the state and local classroom. Out of every $1 sent to Washington for education, only $0.10 is returned to the local classroom. You can't continue to throw money at the problem because it only gets tied up in bureauracracy and never makes it to the classroom. Our teachers should not have to shop at Walmart for supplies out of their own pocket. Our teachers should be paid fairly. Our kids should not be taught the test. Let's keep that $1 here in Florida where we can get back to real learning. Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Candidate for Florida Governor, is the ONLY one who STOP common core and return control to the local level. Learn more about Wyllie at wyllieforgovernor[dot]com
(and for those that don't know, the curriculum for common core is lining the pockets of Jeb Bush's brother, Neal)

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