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"Shady" Rick Scott and "For Sale" Charlie Crist punch, counterpunch in new round of mean ads


It's getting meaner. And it won't get any better.

In a punch-counterpunch round of ads, Gov. Rick Scott's team is going after former Gov. Charlie Crist's ties to a convicted Ponzi schemer and Crist's camp is responding with a broadside against the incumbent for everything from his "lies" about education funding to his pleading the Fifth Amendment 75 times in a deposition.

Scott''s ad, paid through the Republican Party of Florida, fired first.

"Convicted swindler Scott Rothstein bought expensive things with stolen money. He even bought a governor," the ad intones, pointing out how the Ponzi schemer recently claimed Crist essentially sold judicial appointments, which Crist denies.

"Charlie Crist. For governor. For sale," the ad closes.

Now, Crist's campaign plans to run its counter to the "smears;" but it does its own smearing in the process.

"Now," the Crist ad says of Scott, "he's teamed up with a felon convicted of running a Ponzi scheme to smear Charlie Crist with false attacks."

To be clear: there's no evidence that Scott has "teamed up" with Rothstein. And, beyond the word of the convicted Ponzi schemer, there's no solid evidence that Rothstein "bought" Crist.

"Rick Scott," Crist's ad closes, "Too shady for the Sunshine State."

Here's the Crist ad (Scott ad will post as soon as it's on YouTube).


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Bill McCollum

Scott does like getting punched back.

I should know.


Rick Scott has decided that he can't win on his record. As an incumbent he should be able to win by pointing to what he has done for the state and what he plans to do. There is the rub. He hasn't done anything notable for the state, and he is NOT interested in revealing his future plans. So he attacks his opponent. Rick Scott has only one principle - the golden rule: he who has the gold rules. But he is so unlikable even his obscene pile of gold will not get him reelected.


The solution to this nonsense is Nan Rich.

Voice of reson

Yes when she endorses CC and unites the Democratic party!

Ron Greiner

Politicians in Florida are so corrupt. Blue Cross of Florida spends more on politicians than anybody else in the state. Blue Cross is raising rates by 17.6% and the state has given up the right to approve Blue Cross increases, the only state in America to do so. So the bribes pay off and now Florida consumers have no one to protect their interests. This will soon change.

Stop the Corruption / Vote Libertarian / Vote Adrian Wyllie

Florida Gator

Rick Scott is THE MOST crooked governor in the United States and in the history of the state of Florida. Charlie Crist is our only hope.

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters continue to be disgusted that party leaders are willing to put up with these daily embarrassments as details now of corruption are exposed about this scumbag crist. They plan to vote for the nancy lady who is the only true democrat in the race and are horrified that party leaders are the only ones who cannot see that this scumbag crist was sent as a Trojan horse by republican party leaders to destroy the democrat party.

Ron Greiner

Sorry Florida Gator but Crist is worthless too. Crist's dangerous "Cover Florida" program was a program with Blue Cross with a maximum benefit of $25K per year. A cancer patient can go through $25K in 48 hours. The President of the Florida Health Underwriters warned agents not to tell anybody about Crist's plan because it presents "Liability Issues". You know, you will be sued! An insurance agent couldn't sleep at night selling Cover Florida but not Charlie Crist. All he could say is the the program had "Robust Benefits."

Scott, Crist and the CEO of Blue Cross want $51 Billion in Medicaid expansion going to Blue Cross. Only Adrian Wyllie will not be bought off in this election.

Stop the Corruption / Vote Sanity / Vote Wyllie


From a Jersey girl who is not surprised Florida made the top 10 and NJ, NY didn't. Florida's antics are much more insidious and the folks much less vocal. I will never forget Teresa Jacobs and her council conferring with lobbyists and heaven knows who else on the phone DURING a council meeting regarding sick leave for employees and how they successfully circumvented and negated the properly attained petitions by the people. Shameful and disheartening.
1. Mississippi
2. Louisiana
3. Tennessee
4. Illinois
5. Pennsylvania
6. Alabama
7. Alaska
8. South Dakota
9. Kentucky
10. Florida

joyce hallowell

never a governor as dangerous as Rick Scott is to Medicare beneficeries-fraud that causes undo torture, harm and even death to innocent victims of large hospital corporations like 80 billon dollar Kindred Healthcare where patients are fraudulantly held against their will by chemical restraint, and their family members visitation is limited and threatened if the lack of care, poor care, abuse and fraud are reported to authorities like dcf and acha(offices overseen by Governor Rick Scott) when complaints are made as mine was about the horrific treatment and abuse of my husband, I was trespassed for 2 years as he lay dying and begging for me to be allowed to visit and no Florida office would help. Two years later, we are still fighting with this Governor to seek justice but he stalls, refuses to allow witnesses for the victim ,and official state records are altered and dissappear altogether under his oversight. Floridians, this governor is a threat to the lives of Florida Seniors. Please remember, his only claim to fame was medicare fraud as the head of columbia hca. He scraped his savings together to come up with the 125 thousand to purchase Columbia Hca yet, less than a decade later, after his millons of dollars made from that healthcare fraud, he was able to use Millons of his own money to purchase the governorship of Florida. Association with investors in hospital corporations like Mike (Miguel) Fernandez contribution of a millon dollars to Scotts campaign this year, will buy him much favortism by Scott if he is re-elected,no doubt even more then the 125 thousand that Fernandez donated in Scotts previous campaign that bought Fernandez a lucrative and much sought after Medicaid contract that made him millons as soon as Scott went into office. Floridians, Vote For Your Lives, Protect your loved ones-do not allow this fraud to make deals and decisions based on his profit by continuing to cover up fraud in the healthcare field by covering up fraudulant large hospital corporations like multi-billion dollar Kindred healthcare and others.



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