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Soon-to-be-closed charter school once hosted Gov. Scott, Michelle Rhee

As thousands of students went back to school on Monday, the state Board of Education voted to close three failing charter schools.

One of the schools, Florida International Elementary Academy, has been in the news before.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott visited its sister middle school, Florida International Academy, just days after taking office in 2011. While touring the Miami-Dade campus, he and former Washington D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee announced a plan to increase the number of charter schools statewide.

"We have to make sure our system does exactly what you are doing here at Florida International Academy," Scott said.

At the time, Florida International Academy was an established middle school that had recently earned consecutive A grades from the state. Its elementary school, Florida International Elementary Academy, was just getting off the ground.

The schools share a common campus and administration.

The elementary school earned an F in its first year. It improved to a D in 2012, but earned failing grades in 2013 and 2014.

State law requires the closure of any charter school that receives consecutive Fs.

Florida International Elementary Academy had applied for a waiver that would have granted the school an additional year to boost its grade. But the state board denied the request, saying the school did not improve as much as neighboring schools had.

Florida International Academy middle, which earned a C in 2014, will remain open.

Neither Florida International Elementary Academy nor Florida International Elementary is affiliated with the university of the same name.



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The Jeb Bush acolytes wish they could create a two tiered education establishment - public schools under an accountability system designed to produce failure, and an unaccountable private charter system. They don't care that this system violates the Florida Constitution (Article IX). 2 years ago they would have given the waiver, but the public is opening its eyes to the truth.

Keith Stegath

I don't understand. How can a charter school fail? Surely there must be some liberal bias in grading these schools. It simply isn't possible for a market-driven for-profit school to fail.
Obviously the liberals and public schools had something to do with this? Perhaps the charter schools were not really charter schools? Maybe they were public schools and pretended to be charter schools? Like Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf?

Michael Elliot

Are Charter Schools todays version of Sub Prime Mortgages?


Because its a scam, always was. jeez


Any school, including charter schools, are only as good as their administrators. This school closed down because of poor administration. The school failed to recognize that many of its students lacked the essential skills for them to pass to the next grade. If a child fails the FCAT and fails the benchmark tests which are given quarterly in every school, then that child should be held back. You don't promote someone in a business that is not performing as expected. This school made the mistake of continually passing students to the next grade ensuring the failure of the school, but even worse, the failure of hundreds of students. A schools are A schools because they don't make this mistakes.

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