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Teachers union to take "legal action" against voucher program

The statewide teachers union plans to announce new "legal action" against Florida's school voucher program at a press conference Thursday, union leaders said.

The voucher program, also known as the Tax Credit Scholarship Program, enables corporations to fund private-school scholarships for low-income children. The businesses receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits in exchange for their contributions.

The cap on tax credits for the program is set by state law.

About 69,000 students statewide are currently receiving tax credit scholarships. Supporters say the program provides choices for students who might not succeed in a traditional public school. But opponents argue the dollars would be better spent within the public school system, where there is more oversight and accountability.

The lawsuit is separate from the union's recent challenge to a 2014 law expanding the voucher program. That litigation, which is pending in Leon County, raises questions about the way the legislature approved the voucher expansion -- not the program itself.


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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that teachers who are supposed to be teaching their children are instead suing the citizens. they want all teachers participating in this nonsense as well as other union activities fired immediately.

Fred Detorez

Ed, They are showing their true collors. Ten percent of Florida students are in non unionized charter schools. Take a look at how your feminist elementary school teachers have been treating Florida little boys.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFpYj0E-yb4 .We have a conservative republican legislature so we were able to pass The Poptart law. Female elementary school teachers were punishing little boys for engaging in normal little boy behavior.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgQIW_ojZNA

Gerry Tiziani

My dear Ed and Fred, The teachers are trying to teach your children. If you would bother to read what your legislature has done, forcing testing instead of teaching, you would know that they've taken away all those incentives that keep little boys engaged--music, art, P.E. and projects. Teaching children to pass tests has taken the place of education--and you have let it happen by voting in people who place profits ahead of your children. So, get informed before calling down those who really care about your children.


Florida Republicans are willing to ignore the state constitution in order to push their illegal agenda. Do a simple search for the Florida Constitution. Read Article IX - only a lying politician and a soulless lawyer (often one in the same) would argue that Republican education policies are legal.


This is why Mafia-led unions have no business in any jobs paid for by taxpayers!

Unions are EVIL and crooked.

If teachers don't like working conditions & rules they can move to Cuba!

Vouchers are a RIGHT since all parents pay the taxes!

Donald  Shnyder

How else could the Mob get all of their LOW_INFORMED voters so they can continue to RAPE the tax payer and DUMB-DOWN the future voters. THE UNION is MOB_RULE .!!!

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