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Teresa Sarnoff pondering 2015 run for husband's Miami commission seat


Term-limited Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff’s days representing the city's easternmost neighborhoods are numbered. And a likely scrum awaits in November 2015 when his seat will be open to all challengers.

But it’s possible a Sarnoff will still be on the ballot.

The commissioner's wife, Teresa Sarnoff, is mulling a run to keep the post in the family. She told The Herald she’s seriously considering a campaign to represent District 2, which stretches from Coconut Grove north past Edgewater.

“I’m interested. Obviously I haven’t reached a decision yet. It’s premature. Your call took me by surprise, quite honestly,” she told a reporter. “I’m thinking long and hard on it, but it’s still 15 months out.”

Teresa Sarnoff, 59, is a former legal assistant who says she’s now dabbling in real estate. She has mostly remained “behind the scenes” since her husband was first elected to office in 2006. But she said she has been civically engaged for years in Coconut Grove, where the Sarrnoffs live.

“I like to flesh things out and have a firm idea of everything that I would like to do and how I would accomplish it,” she said. “I’m interested in getting out there and hearing what the constituents say.”


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Are you kidding? Enough with these family dynasties. What's really happening is all the special interests and big developers don't want to give up their special access. Miami deserves better than another Sarnoff.

sick and tired

If this happens, I'm leaving the city. These people aren't public servants. They are power hungry and want to keep siphoning off our public dollars.


Plain and simple:power hungry!
Never grateful, never satisfied!


Hope everyone remembers her words when Teresa announces her candidacy for Commissioner of District 2:
"I like to flesh things out and have a firm idea of everything that I WOULD LIKE TO DO and HOW I WOULD ACCOMPLISH IT." Obvious she and her husband only want one thing: "TO DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO, HOWEVER THEY WANT TO DO IT." We cannot elect this woman. She would in essence be a Marc Sarnoff in drag.

Miami Hurricane

Sarnoff gave new meaning to Miami. Politics like this make me sick. Last year I finally acknowledged the Grove we knew of before 2008 would not be coming back, so I packed my bags and headed west. Look at the last 50 years of Miami, besides the Deco hotels, the developers always win.


Teresa Sarnoff has not attended a City meeting in 7 years. If she cared for public service she would show up. This is just a power grab.

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