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The one about Jeb Bush, Terry Schiavo, the ACLU and medical marijuana

Jeb BushFormer Gov. Jeb Bush came out in opposition to Amendment 2 today and his suggestion that people should vote against the amendment to legalize marijuana provoked some harsh criticism from the ACLU of Florida.  

Bush joined the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other business groups to denounce the proposed amendment on the November ballot that will allow patients with a list of debilitating conditions to get a doctor's permission to treat the condition with marijuana. 

“Florida leaders and citizens have worked for years to make the Sunshine State a world-class location to start or run a business, a family-friendly destination for tourism and a desirable place to raise a family or retire,” Bush said in a statement. 

“Allowing large-scale, marijuana operations to take root across Florida, under the guise of using it for medicinal purposes, runs counter to all of these efforts.  I believe it is the right of states to decide this issue, and I strongly urge Floridians to vote against Amendment 2 this November.”

But Howard Simon, executive director of the ACLU of Florida, noted how Bush intervened to prevent the family of Terri Schiavo, who was severely brain damaged, from removing her feeding tube that had kept her alive for 15 years. The ACLU represented Schiavo’s husband, Michael.

“Once again, Jeb Bush is trying to impose his views on medical treatment on Florida patients,’’ Simon said in a statement. "Amendment 2 is about allowing people suffering from debilitating conditions to access treatment plans that include using marijuana as a medicine, with the supervision of a doctor, to alleviate their pain and suffering...”

“Jeb Bush was wrong about limiting patients’ rights then and he is wrong now,’’ Simon said. “You would think that after his shameful performance in the Terri Schiavo tragedy Jeb Bush would be too embarrassed to offer any advice on the rights and well-being of patients. These are medical decisions to be made by doctors about what is best for their patients; it is not a role for politicians.”


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ed jenkins

The citizens are thankful for their most popular former governor who reminds the uninformed of the dangers of these dangerous illegal drugs to our family friendly state where they harm our children and lead to worthless lives for adults.


Yes, ed and Jeb, lets put more people in prison and keep the cartels profits safe. Why don't we bring back prohibition then we could have a family friendly state like Illinois in the '30s under Al Capone? We wouldn't want to learn anything from or previous mistakes.


Just pass a law that requires licensed physicians to subscribe only FDA approved drugs, otherwise a felony.


Hmmmm I think that would require the GOP House to do something and they are on hold til President Obama leaves office.


It is SHAMEFUL when big government muscles in on family decisions as in the Terry Schaivo blunder where both Pres. Bush and Gov. Bush got their respective legislatures to vote to force removal of the feeding tube from Mrs. Schaivo.
The ACLU is right on this issue. Big government is wrong.
Jeb Bush is wrong again on medical marijuana; it is not a decision for politicians, but between doctors and their patients, and families.

Keith Stegath

As a former pot-head, I can say.... Wait, what was I saying?
Oh-yeah... musik loud, good. Ganja make ed fnny. Lafer tears hard reed skren. Teers flud keebord, mke mistkes. ed pleez cake muncy.

Decrimularize-axion gud. Priiison bad.

Can't take anymore

During his two terms as Governor of Florida the only things JEB! excelled at were being a blowhard and a bully. He used his political power as a club on those who disagreed with him. Who in their right mind pays any attention to him now? At least his idiot brother W wasn't nearly so mean spirited. JEB! needs to go home and paint pictures of dogs and kitties, too.

ed jenkins

The citizens are disappointed that there still some unwise among them who failed to learn basic lessons taught in school about the dangers of these illegal drugs which are harmful to our youth and lead to worthless lives for adults. It is important that our political leaders as this most favorite popular governor of our family friendly state continue to remind uninformed and unwise citizens of the dangers of these dangerous illegal drugs.

Tina Tampa

Jeb Bush is slurring his speech, does he have Alzheimer's? Medical Marijuana helps...
George W. Bush patented Medical Marijuana in 2003.
US Patent # 6,630,507

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