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Tom Steyer's NextGen group targets Rick Scott for "hiding" Duke Energy ties


First there was an ad. Then there was a response ad. Now there's a reply to the response.

The tit for tat for tit ad war between billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and Gov. Rick Scott continued on Monday when the activtis's NextGen Climate group released its latest spot tying the Republican to a controversial Duke Energy deal that socked customers with higher fees to build a nuclear plant that was ultimately never built.

NextGen released the first spot earlier this month, which PolitiFact rated as "half true."

Scott's Republican Party of Florida tried to pin the deal on Democrat Charlie Crist -- a claim that was "false," according to PolitiFact (both ads and another were fact-checked here).

Now, based on that last spot, NextGen says Scott is simply "hiding."


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ed jenkins

The readers do not want any more mention of this most horrible communist in their hometown paper who is trying to harm this great business friendly state with his most horrible advertisements attempting to convince the citizens to adopt law and regulations which have lead to the destruction of his state which he hopes will benefit from the destruction from this great state.


You vote Republican, you get what you deserve.


You vote Democrat, you get what your neighbor deserves (without working for it)

Voice of reason

Hmmm, nice comeback.

Credit given where credit due!

Bill Thompson

The scumbag Scott is getting a taste of his own medicine and there's going to be $10,000,000 of it coming at him.

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