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Truth-O-Meter looks at drugged driving claim about pot

Medical marijuana opponents are taking to the streets to oppose Amendment 2, citing statistics that drugged driving would be a major side effect to legalizing cannabis.

Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot, a coalition of more than 40 organizations fighting against the proposed medical marijuana amendment, says on its website that the drug is implicated in a fourth of all fatal accidents.

"Twenty five percent of all drug-related fatal vehicle accidents in the U.S. involve marijuana," the group says under the header "Statistics" (the number is repeated on an infographic on the site).

Was marijuana a factor in a quarter of all fatal car accidents involving drugs? PolitiFact Florida hit the books to see what Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot was driving at.

This fact-check was written by Joshua Gillin.


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mike hart

lol! the farther down south you go, the stupider the Americans get!


The sheriffs won't be able to confiscate everything owned by pot smokers if it is decriminalized. It is time to turn the tide on unconstitutional search and seizures. If they lose their pot revenue they will have fewer resources to kick down your door in the middle of the night with their military style SWAT teams.

ed jenkins

Of course the citizens are horrified that users of these dangerous illegal drugs could possibly be on their roads endangering all citizens. They are thankful that the only credible authorities on this subject, those who have our state's most respected career, our doctors have advised citizens of the dangers of these illegal drugs and that they should not fall for charlatans and drug dealers who may try to convince them otherwise.


Traffic Fatalities at record lows in Colorado since marijuana legalization


A YES vote for Amendment 2 is a vote for freedom. It's time that the control freaks and fear mongers get themselves out of the way of our freedom to use the most versatile, most medically beneficial herb, which has been known to man for millennia. When Amendment 2 passes, the LOSERS to lose the biggest will be the FDA/AMA/pharmaceutical drug cartel, backed up by their domestic terrorist friends, the DEA. They know how many of their harmful synthetic drugs and addictive opiate narcotics will be substituted by a mostly harmless, friendly little plant and they are afraid. Law enforcement is greatly fearing their potential budget cuts and loss of job security when many non-violent arrestees become legally sanctioned patients.

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