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Truth-O-Meter tackles NextGen's oil drilling attack on Scott

California billionaire Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate group unleashed an ad that accuses Gov. Rick Scott of being cozy with a polluter.

"A dangerous new type of oil drilling near the Everglades threatened drinking water for 7 million Floridians," states part of the ad. "But one Floridian is benefitting. Rick Scott drank from a fountain of campaign cash from the company that profited off pollution."

The text on the screen states: "Rick Scott $200,000 from oil interests."

Scott’s side refuted the ad and the Republican Party of Florida counter-punched with its own TV ad: "Crist’s team says Gov. Scott took contributions from this polluter. It’s total fiction. Scott didn’t take a nickel. Scott held the polluter accountable. Shut down their wells...."

Did Scott, who is facing re-election, take campaign cash from a "company that profited off pollution" and receive $200,000 from oil interests? We decided to drill down to sort out the facts. Turn to PolitiFact Florida to read the fact-check.


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ed jenkins

The citizens are horrified that this communist would run advertisements to attempt to influence uninformed voters to ruin their business friendly state as has been done in his most horrible state. They want his communist propaganda removed and him arrested for his communist practices which were thought to be eliminated decades ago in this country.

Bill McCollum

If running negative ads to influence uninformed voters was not allowed I would be Governor now and Rick Scott would be yesterday's news. He spent $50,000,000 in negative attack ads against me!


This story doesn't actually answer the question implied (was there or was there not money given to Scott from a company or "oil interests' that profited from peri-Everglades drinking water being "threatened"?) Instead you direct us to another article, but basically the answer is scattered among a few of the paragraphs in that long-ish article.

PolitiFact Florida states: "In June 2012, Collier leased about 120,000 acres of mineral rights to Hughes. A few months later Hughes received a state permit to construct its first exploratory well."

Then, a few paragraphs later, they get to the actual donation: "..four members of the Collier family -- Barron, Miles, Parker and Thomas -- ... each gave $50,000 to Scott’s Let’s Get to Work Committee in January 2013. PolitiFact Florida verified those donations on the state elections website." As any of us could do, indeed.

PolitiFact Florida checked with a Collier spokesman about the donations, and the answer was basically, that the donors were individual Colliers, not their company. Of course, they do benefit from the leases Collier Resources lets out. In re Gov. Scott, the spokesman stated:
"Certain individual owners have personally supported the Governor in the past, but those decisions are made individually and without any input from Collier Resources Company."

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