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Video: Scientists ask Rick Scott to commit to climate change action, he offers no answer


Gov. Rick Scott listened to five of Florida’s top climate scientists Tuesday as they urged him to show leadership and develop policies to offset the impact of human-induced climate change to the state. Story here. 


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ed jenkins

The citizens believe this wise scott will ignore these most horrible people and they encourage him to do so since they make outrageous proclamations with no consequences but the citizens know they will have to deal with terrible negative consequences.

Bill Thompson

Just one more example of the lack of leadership and interest in anything but his re-election campaign by the scumbag Scott. The purpose of this meeting was just to get a photo op by the Scott campaign, nothing more.


But the republicans in Congress say that climate change is a "hoax". So no worries, right? No additional fires, worsening droughts, stronger storms, higher or more acidic seas, and no worry about declining fresh water supplies. Lets just keep voting in republican liars that prefer to cater to their sponsors or some political agenda. Our future generations can fend for themselves!

I suggest we do otherwise.



Scott denies global warming?

Rick Scott ignores the scientists? Scott makes no comments? Wow. Florida needs new leadership immediately.

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