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Yawn. RPOF files another Crist-billboard complaint




The Republican Party of Florida filed a complaint with the the Florida Elections Commission against the Charlie Crist campaign this week for allegedly failing to include the mandatory prominent disclaimers  that tell people who is paying for the ad. Yawn. Seemed like yet another petty complaint that nobody other than a couple campaign workers actually cares about.

This is the second Crist-billboard complaint RPOF has filed. The previous one was thrown out.

To us, the real scandal would be if the Charlie Crist campaign spent money to erect big billboards near his hometown where his name ID already is 99 percent. Turns out, the billboard were in-kind donations from W.S. Media Inc. of Sarasota, an outfit connected with chiropractor and longtime Crist ally Gary Kompothecras and Jay Burmer, another longtime Crist friend and political operative who works with Mr. 800-Ask-Gary.

The Crist campaign of course scoffed at the complaint and sent an image of their billboard clearly showing the disclaimer. That should put the matter to rest, except that the image released by the Crist campaign is nonsense. In reality, the billboard's disclaimer is virtually invisible. 

Does it matter? Not a bit to normal voters. It might to the Florida Elections Commission, however.


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ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters have more than had enough of these daily embarrassments to their party by the scumbag crist who have already decided that they will vote for the one true democrat, the nancy lady. They are disgusted that party leaders continue to ignore this predicted campaign meltdown and are the only ones who don't see that this scumbag crist was sent as a Trojan horse by republican party leaders to destroy the democrat party.

Steven Urdegar

Ed you are delusional. You need to face up to the fact that the Florida electorate is no longer willing to elect a true Democrat in a statewide race. Lawton was the last. It is seriously paranoid to suggest that Crist is some sort of a Manchurian candidate, he is merely a moderate. The choice you have in front of you is not between FDR and Barry Goldwater, but between someone left of Joe Manchin and Rick Scott. Sitting home and fretting about the regrettable loss of Nan Rich is tantamount to voting for Scott. Grow up.

Voice of reason

Steven you are also a voice of reason.

However delusional is too kind.

ed jenkins

We have seen some who continue to put faith in party leaders who have not won governor elections in nearly 20 years and now tell democrat primary voter that it is best to vote for a republican in sheep's clothing that democrats would never vote for and that republicans rejected and then independents rejected in successive elections. These are the people who know this scumbag the best and they through him from their party and even worse appear to have come up with a plan to send him to the democrat party knowing the damage he would do to them. The nancy lady has the appeal of democrat party voters and has won them over so it would be wise for party leaders to support her but if they won't a great model would be past victorious governors such as graham and chiles, not some republican reject who is the most hated former governor in this state.

Keith Stegath

EdJ, you're always the kidder, never the kid (wait, that's bridesmaid, "Always the bridesmaid, never the...") That's it!!! The code has been broken. How could I have missed it.

"Ed" is actually a women who has been spurned at the alter one-to-many times. I've always thought her posts were a little girlie.

Sorry "Edwina". No more hiding in the closet. There are some good therapists that can help you with your issues.

Good luck Edwina. I know it will be hard, but we liberals need to stick together and the sooner you deal with your fear of abandonment, the sooner you'll feel the love we have for you.

Let us support Edwina in her time of need.

Voice of reason

At least in 6 more days we will never have to read from ed about this nancy lady again.

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