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Rick Scott says Charlie Crist ran Fla into ground


SARASOTA — Rick Scott, in some respects, makes it easy on journalists. If a reporter misses something he says in an interview, maybe even spaces out for a moment, it doesn't really matter, because Scott is certain to say the same thing again. And again. And again.

So it was Labor Day in Sarasota, as the Florida governor invited a few reporters to join him on a campaign "bus tour," which in fact was an opportunity to chat with Scott aboard his "Let's Keep Working" bus as it traveled about four blocks to a boisterous rally at Walt's Fish Market. The trip somehow lasted nearly 30 minutes, which was more than enough time to get a clear sense of Scott's campaign message for the next two months: Charlie Crist is a slick talker but a lousy chief executive. And he's pals with President Barack Obama.

"Charlie ran the state into the ground. It's Barack Obama in Florida. Barack Obama thinks money grows on trees. Charlie Crist thinks the same way. He would spend money on anything and everything if he could," Scott said, suggesting that cuts in education and environmental protection early in his term were due to federal stimulus money running out and Scott having to clean up the budgetary "mess" Crist left him.

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Highly paid Republican operative

The Boss will let his $100,000,000 do the talking and there is nothing the Democrats can say about that!

pietro fanucci

Don't worry slick Rick's operatives will handle it. Learn to drink gasoline, because soon it will be less expensive than water. Think about it; capture a public resource, monetize it and sit back and count the bucks. $$$$

Ron Greiner

Don't listen to Adam Smith he is just propaganda. Adam censors Libertarian Adrian Wyllie from this piece about the Governor's race. We have a CRISIS in Florida with 4 million uninsured people and Scott has no solutions. The city of St. Petersburg is spending $1,897.48/month per employee with family PPO health insurance. Yet, on the exchange a 30-year-old couple and 2 children can get the HSA Bronze plan for $562.68/month from Humana. If this family is earning $50K (MAGI) the Federal tax Credits are $428.15/month resulting in a net premium for this family of $134.71/month. Not only is that affordable but the city of St. Petersburg's premium is now ZERO, which is welcome relief to the tax payer.

Adam can't report on this because Blue Cross is raping city, county and State tax payers with over-priced employer-based health insurance premiums but Blue Cross is also a big advertiser and that's all Adam cares about, a slimy advertising buck instead of reporting the real news and Wyllie solutions. Adam says he is the Political DIRECTOR but in reality he is but a Hoze Monster. Imagine, Miami-Dade County is paying over $3,000/month per employee with AvMed POS for family coverage, the poor tax payers suffer in Miami.

Stop Crony Capitalist Scott / Vote Sanity / Vote Wyllie

Ron Greiner
DIRECTOR of Healthcare Policy

ed jenkins

Democrat primary voters are well aware of the facts that this scott speaks about which is why they have never voted for this scumbag crist who left the state in ruin to pursue selfish interests. Unfortunately democrat party leaders are either too corrupt or unwise to realize what the democrat primary voters already realize - that this scumbag crist is a Trojan horse sent by republican party leaders to destroy the democrat party.

Rick Adams

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist need to quit stealing Adrian Wyllie's votes…. WyllieForGovernor(dot)com

Seth Platt

I guess this businessman never heard of the Global Recession, or maybe as usual he is being untruthful.

Keith Stegath

Hey EdwinaJ, yoUR PoSts wouLD bE easieR tO reAd if YoU USe CAPital LEtTerS aPPropriaTely.

When capital letters are used inconsistently or randomly they draw attention and distract from the message. My eye was drawn to the T in Trojan and did not immediately think of a horse.

Question of the Day: If both sides claim the other is "brain washed" who is right?

Since there seems to be only a few readers/writers on this Blog, do "we" want a "Question of the Day"?
Of course, as the initiator I get to ask the question:)


I believe that neither Crist nor Scott is "brainwashed". In order for one's thinking to be so overtaken, one must first possess a sentient brain. Since neither of these two has produced evidence of higher (or lower) brain function, your question of the Day is moot.
unfortunately, this leaves Florida voters with the choice between dumb and dumber..I would gladly cast a vote for Mr. Wylie-or you):-if I truly believed either of you had a chance in Hades of winning the office of Governor.Like so many others,though-I'll figuratively hold my nose and attempt to shut down my brain's higher thought processes and vote AGAINST Scott. What a sad dilemma in which we find ourselves these days; when the citizens who believe in the sanctity and importance of the ballot box must choose the lesser of two evils to lead (?) their State Government, the oft-stated phrase,"our system of government is irreparably broken, corrupted,"etc.,becomes less of a cliche and more of a truism.
Scott's statement that "Charlie ran the state into the ground.. and he had to clean up the budgetary mess left behind.." is patently false; like so much of the campaign rhetoric from all sides, nirvana is promised and very little delivered. Scott conveniently forgets to mention that when he bought HIS office,the nation was in the grip of the so-called Great Repression-caused by the greed of all in Congress-no matter the party.His pledge to provide 7 million jobs, presumedly via magic, like the rabbit emerging from a hat,was never realized. Likewise, the tax cuts to/for the middle class never materialized. The out-of-State corporate cronies, however, did indeed see a big uptick in their portfolios and tax incentives.The Repubs in the Legislature never fully supported Scott's promises. Methinks Herr Scott counted on that.Now, after he's spent the last 3+ years raising taxes,cutting educational budgets, denying raises to State Employees, defying the strictures set forth in the Constitution, etc.NOW-he's crowing about a maybe $25.00 refund of the tag registration fee !! However, many won't see even that much-they paid to register their vehicle(s) for 2 years in order to save a few shekels. He "says" he's going to fatten the educational coffers; again, without support from the Legislature AND his proposed windfall won't bring those accounts back to pre-Scott days. The tilting at windmills that AG Bondi continues to pursue at taxpayer expense is done so with Scott's approval and under the ageis of the Repubs in Tally.Scott instigated and presided over projects that had no merit to start, and further wasted $$. His administration ignored the transparency laws and flaunted the Fair Districting Amendment. Recall the recent map-drawing that was judged illegal? He has attempted to suppress the vote , mainly by targeting minorities who are more likely to vote for a Democrat.He insists that Florida suffers from massive voter fraud, despite all evidence to the contrary.He pursues drug-testing for people who,despite no evidence to the contrary, find themselves in the position of having to apply for public assistance-hence implying that all those in financial straits are drug abusers.This practice also has been deemed illegal under the Constitution.Scott and the Repub legislators denied more than 2 million Floridians access to affordable health care. With this refusal, he literally gave $2 billion taxpayer to other States. Thay was OUR money, people. to add insult to injury, he then placed as many roadblocks as possible in the paths for people trying to discover how to apply for/use the State Exchanges set up for those whom he deliberately excluded from the ACA.The Repubs and Scott,in thrall to their religious,right-wing backers, have an abysmal record on women's rights. I do believe they would be overjoyed to return all females to their former states of barefoot,pregnant and as chattel to their menfolk. They SHOULD know their "biblical" place, and that is not in business, medicine, law, or, (their) God forbid,with autonomy over their bodies and their health decisions. I could go on and on, but why bother? Rick Scott has the National Republican machine backing him -he believes he is invincible. He may be-but only if the Democrats in this State fail to vote. The "D's" in this State far outnumber the "R's"; but the "R's" vote in greater numbers. Voter Apathy will ensure another 4 years of Scott Scourge-unless a miracle occurs and ALL the Dems in Florida go to the polls in November.
And SCOTT has the gall to state that "Charlie ran this State into the ground"??? We were already knee-deep in the hole when Scott became the chief gravedigger;we now have dirt up to our collective nostrils. Each and every incumbent in the Legislature-whether Dem or Repub-needs to voted out of office. They are ALL opportunistic, hypocritical liars who conspired to cheat, lie, and steal from the populace of this State for their own gain. Unrealistic, I know-but still I can hope.
@ Keith Stegath-as an aside-personally, I approve of your idea of posting a "Question of the Day".. perhaps the topic would actually force (some) folks to exercise their mental muscle if it hasn't atrophied from dis/misuse. I'd really enjoy reading others' opinions that weren't colored by emotion and blind obeisance to ideology.A lively 'discussion' could possibly result-an exciting and novel thought on this blog ! Excluding Citizen ed, of course,and "D" since the seem to maintain a folder of responses to any/all issues from which he cuts and pastes..although I had no idea that the Repubs sent Crist in the guise of a Trojan horse to destroy the Democratic Party.Wonder if he's being dragged with ropes and pulleys and such? Guess one CAN learn something every day-and from the most unlikely sources. (BTW-just WHAT didya think of , if not a horse, when the cap "T' caught your eye?...)

Keith Stegath

Ok Palettoexile, no fair using some other editor and then pasting into the blog:)

Or if you do use anther editor fix the formatting so everything does not bleed into one giant post that is very hard to read because it never seems to have a beginning or end but just keeps on going as if it where a dump from a file into the blog as if it were input by some sort of automated blog filler-upper troll.


Ah-apparently you failed to appreciate my input; admittedly, this particular "comment" morphed into an article better suited to a journal entry.
In my defense,however,I will say that I do not require the services of an editor other than myself (perhaps a valid suggestion?)-nor have I ever pasted anything (other than statistics) into any blog in which I participated.
In addition,my short-story length comment was not generated by a"filler-upper troll" and certainly was comprised of a beginning, middle, and end. Upon re-reading this,I WILL admit that I could possibly have edited my writing with a bit more attention paid to grammatical format,although I agree wholeheartedly with myself on the content.
I offer my abject apologies to any/all who were offended by the length or found the content difficult to read.Mea culpa.
So. That's MY story and I'm sticking to it.

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