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Cause of Broward voter ID machine problems still unkown


The Nov. 4 election feels like eons ago. But the cause of a high-profile complication with voter identification systems in some Broward precincts remains unknown.

Several voters, including Sun-Sentinel editorial page editor Rosemary Goudreau, complained Tuesday that their precinct's EViD system incorrectly reported that they'd voted already. Goudreau wrote a column about her experience.

The Supervisor of Election said no one was denied a vote, and the contractor who provides the equipment said the problem affected as few as a half-dozen voters out of the more than 1 million who used the equipment by mid-afternoon.

But the cause of the problem was unclear Tuesday. And three days later, VR Systems, the contractor, said it isn't any closer to knowing what went wrong.

"They have to download the logs, so they've got to wrap up the election first," said VR Systems President Jane Watson. "We haven't ruled out user error, but we're not blaming the voters. We really truly do not know yet."

The Supervisor of Election has another election coming early next month. Spokeswoman Mary Cooney said there's urgency to find the cause of the problem, but VR Systems assured their offices Tuesday that they'd find out what went wrong.