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Jeb Bush opposes gay marriage and gay adults adopting, DNC says

When former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced he was exploring a bid to run for president, the Democrats let loose their opposition research.

The Democratic National Committee released talking points it wanted Democrats to use against Bush; Politico published a leaked copy on Dec. 19.

Bush then posted the talking points on his own Facebook page, denouncing the attacks as "silly" and "misleading."

The DNC attacked Bush’s statements and positions on a long list of topics, saying that another Bush presidency would mean policies "that wreck the economy, that give massive breaks to the wealthy and corporations, and that are out of step with American people including women, LGBT Americans, Latinos and people of color. The reality is that Jeb Bush is no different than almost all Republicans on issue after issue."

Among the talking points was this one: "Bush not only opposes marriage equality, he’s said he ‘personally’ believes gay couples should be banned from adopting children."

The timing of that particular attack caught our eye, because in recent months plaintiffs have filed lawsuits to overturn Florida’s gay marriage ban, which voters approved in 2008. Federal Judge Robert Hinkle ruled in August that the ban is unconstitutional, but he stayed his order to allow for appeals. After the U.S. Supreme Court rejected requests to extend the stay, Hinkle told county clerks they will be violating the U.S. Constitution if they don’t issue same sex marriage licenses on Jan. 6. A Miami-Dade judge allowed gay marriages to proceed in that county Jan. 5.

Here, we’ll look at whether the DNC was accurate in saying that Bush opposes same-sex marriage and believes gay couples should be banned from adopting children.

Turn to PolitiFact Florida to read our fact-check.