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Jeb Bush takes on Donald Trump's 'vitriol'


Jeb Bush, a promoter of immigration reform whose wife was born in Mexico, took some political heat for not immediately denouncing Donald Trump's characterization of Mexican immigrants as criminals.

But Bush has warmed up to criticizing Trump now.

At an Iowa campaign event Tuesday, Bush decried "people that prey on people's fears and their angst as well."

"We need to focus on the things that tie us together," he said. "And whether it's Donald Trump or Barack Obama, their rhetoric of divisiveness is wrong. A Republican will never win by striking fear in people's hearts."


Asked later by a reporter why, of all his GOP presidential rivals, Bush decided to go after Trump, the former Florida governor noted voters haven't brought up the real-estate mogul. But Bush answered anyway.

"I don't want to be associated with the kind of vitriol he's spewing out these days," he said of Trump.

At a campaign rally in Arizona over the weekend, Trump mentioned that he's leading some national 2016 polls -- along with Bush.

"How can I be tied with Jeb Bush?" Trump said. "He's terrible."