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Florida prison's youngest inmates subjected to gang sexual assaults and staff indifference

via @jknipebrown

They ambushed Gesnerson Louisius in an isolated corner of A-Dormitory, in an unlocked concrete-block room at Lancaster Correctional Institution, one of four state prisons in Florida where crime wears a young face.

It was May 7, 2013, and Louisius, 19, a new inmate, was slammed in the back of his head with a bar of soap stuffed inside a sock. Six inmates pinned him down, and one grabbed him by his throat, as two others dragged him across the carpeted floor by his ankles, according to the department’s report on the attack.

The young prisoners, between the ages of 18 and 20, kept demanding that he pay them money to stop the beating, but Louisius refused. He tried in vain to wrestle his way out of the heap of inmates, who locked him in a choke-hold and began to kick and beat him with more socks stuffed with soap.

“That’s OK. I have something for you,’’ said one inmate, identified by Louisius in the Florida Department of Corrections report as Robert A. Walker, a 20-year-old convicted rapist.

“Get the broom,’’ Walker said, according to the prison report. What happened next was more cruel and unforgiving than the crime that sent Louisius to prison.

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