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Crist disavows rumors that he's on VP short list: 'that's news to me'

Charlie_crist-729215via @mikevansickler

Like most political observers, former Florida governor Charlie Crist thought he had a good handle on who Hillary Clinton was considering for her VP, which she's expected to announce this week, likely during her visit to Florida this weekend. 

But then his phone started ringing from reporters about a tweet from CBC News Alerts claiming that he, Charlie Crist, candidate for U.S. Congress, was in fact on Clinton's short list.

And then, helpfully:

Could it be true?

"That's news to me," Crist told the Herald Times. "I will be at the rally with her in Tampa." 

CBC News, a Canadian media outlet, issued a corrected tweet.

And then:

Crist said he hadn't read the tweets. The ex-Republican has been watching the RNC this week. He's not a fan.

"(Rudy) Giuliani was over the top," Crist said. "It's disappointing to see what has happened to that party. It's sad."