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Curbelo reveals 2 new TV ads, centered on the environment and immigration


In one TV ad, U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo is boating with one of his young daughters and talking in English about how nature is a key part of life -- and the economy -- in the Florida Keys. In the other, he's sitting around the kitchen table with his own mom and dad, who retell the story in Spanish about how they left Cuba for the U.S.

The message from the first ad: Curbelo is a Republican who cares about the environment and climate change (though he never utters the words "climate change"). The message from the second ad: Curbelo is a Cuban American willing to curtail "abuse" from some Cuban immigrants who receive U.S. government benefits.

Curbelo's two ads will start airing Tuesday, his campaign said: one in Monroe County and the other on Spanish-language networks across Florida's 26th congressional district, which extends from Westchester to Key West.

The Miami congressman is making an aggressive media push to kick of his Nov. 8 reelection campaign. His first TV ad came out last week, timed with the start of the college football season. He also put out his first Spanish-language radio ad last week, before Labor Day, the traditional start of general-election campaigns.

Curbelo has plenty of money in the bank for his tough race in a Democratic-leaning district against former U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia.