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Jeb Bush scoffs at idea that Russians influenced election

via @learyreports

Jeb Bush laughed at the suggestion the Russians influenced the election. "The Ruskies are out there, what, sticking something in people’s brains?’ I mean, come on," he said Monday in an interview with a TV station in Tennessee.

The Russians, Bush said, “had a candidate that they thought would be better than Hillary Clinton, for sure, but they didn’t influence the election. The American people made up their minds on this."

Bush was in Kingsport, Tenn., giving a (paid?) speech before a group on healthcare.

In the interview with WJHL, Bush also praised Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump's nominee for secretary of state, saying the Exxon Mobile CEO has "vast experience."

He called Tillerson a "patriot" who will "represent the interests of United States really, really well. But (the Senate) will have the chance to discuss all these things in an opening hearing. That’s how the process works.”

Tillerson initially supported Bush's run for president and contributed to his campaign.

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times