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Marco Rubio says he has 'no evidence' that Obama wiretapped Trump



U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio said on Meet the Press he has "no evidence" that President Barack Obama wiretapped Donald Trump. Rubio, who flew with Trump on Air Force One Friday, said that he didn't discuss Trump's allegations.

"We never obviously discussed that, number one," Rubio said Sunday. "And I have no insight into what exactly he's referring to. And I'd imagine the president and the White House in the days to come will outline further what was behind that accusation. I've never heard that before. And I have no evidence or no one's ever presented anything to me that indicates anything like that."

Rubio also said that "now the White House will have to answer as to exactly what he was referring to."

Rubio generally defended Trump during the interview.

"Well first of all, I would say the president has gotten elected, and he, in many ways, is doing exactly what he told people he was going to do. A lot of this outrage that's out there is because Donald Trump is doing what Donald Trump said he was going to do if he was elected.

And it's one-- and you see that reflected in the public polling, where a large number of Americans are saying, "He's doing exactly what he said he was going to do." And that's what I think people are mostly focused on. Is the president's style different than mine? Absolutely. Is he an unorthodox political figure? Absolutely. But I've got to tell you, that's what people voted for. That's what they wanted in this election. He is doing what he said he was going to do. And I think voters and Republicans--"

Obama's intelligence chief and the FBI have disputed Trump's allegations.

Here is the Meet the Press transcript.

Photo of Rubio departing Air Force One in Orlando by the AP