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Rubio chides Democrats for sitting during tribute to Navy SEAL

via @learyreports

Sen. Marco Rubio in an interview Wednesday said about half of Democrats Tuesday night did not stand to honor the wife of NAVY Seal Ryan Owens, and he praised Donald Trump for a “presidential” speech.

“I don't mean this about everybody, I’m sure there were a few standing and clapping and they clapped earlier. But it was a stunning moment,” Rubio said on Fox & Friends.

“We were standing up in that minute and a half ovation for the widow of that Navy SEAL. I turn back around my shoulder and I see half the room, most of them, sitting down. I was just shocked by that. I noticed as soon as the speech was done they got up and walked out. So, look, they have a right to do all of that and that's fine. But, at the end of the day, last night's speech was presidential. And I don't think anyone can dispute that. You don't have to agree with everything. …

The Fox hosts did not ask Rubio about criticism from Owens’ father, who lives in Florida, and has criticized the mission that took his son.

“Having differences of opinion on issues is fine. That's different from saying, ‘do we want to make sure that he’s successful?’ There are people out there that literally want to nullify the election. Their notion is, ‘we lost the election so now let's make it impossible for him to be president.’ That's bad for America. That's wrong. That's not what we should be doing.”

Of course Democrats and President Obama said the same thing about GOP opposition over the past eight years.

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times