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'There's nobody nominated yet' at the State Department, Rubio laments


via @learyreports

Sen. Marco Rubio is concerned about the Trump administration's failure to nominate hundreds of positions across the government.

“We still have about 500 positions vacant throughout the federal government, most of whom have not even been nominated yet, much less appointed,” Rubio said Tuesday morning on a Pensacola radio station.

“So hopefully that will start to speed up. Right now we're trying to having hearings, for example, in Foreign Relations and there’s just nobody at the State Department, there’s nobody nominated yet. You can’t confirm someone if they haven’t been nominated.”

Rubio said the White House is learning and gave a token knock on Democrats. But he pointed out that only two Cabinet positions are pending and one, Labor, had to be restarted after the nominee withdrew.

Trump has said that not all the lower positions need to be filled. But Rubio counters that at least 150 are “critical,” pointing to the State Department and U.S. attorneys.

“As it stands right now,” Rubio said, “the Senate has basically processed every nominee for the Cabinet that is available for processing.”

--ALEX LEARY, Tampa Bay Times