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Fact-checking a claim about investments by University of South Florida


University of South Florida students, faculty and alumni are revamping their efforts to have more say in how the university invests its money.

A new video called "#HeyJudy" from the USF Divest coalition urges USF administrators to stop investing in a number of industries that they don’t support, such as private prison operators, tobacco companies, oil companies and weapons manufacturers.

A cool-talking student narrator (he’s "kind of a big deal") lays out the problem and calls on USF President Judy Genshaft to implement an ethical review process giving students and faculty some influence over where the money goes.

The video laces comments from a the narrator with asides from people who control the industry being called out.

"Here at the University of South Florida we invest in oil companies," the narrator says.

"Like BP, even though we screwed up your coastline," says a man dressed like an oil executive. "Ooo."

"Tobacco companies," the narrator says, adding to the list.

"USF hypocritically proudly tobacco free, yet, the school shares in tobacco’s plentiful profits," says a man with a cigar in tow.

"That is hypocritical," the narrator responds. "We also invest in weapons manufacturers."

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