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Digital ads target Curbelo for Obamacare replacement vote


The web ads bashing House Republicans -- including Miami Rep. Carlos Curbelo -- for voting for the American Health Care Act last week are starting.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Monday launched a 15-second digital spot calling the Obamacare replacement legislation unaffordable and more expensive for older Americans.

"And House Republicans voted yes," the ad says.

The DCCC is targeting 10 Republican lawmakers it considers vulnerable. The ad is slated to run for two weeks in YouTube and in Google, when users search for Curbelo and healthcare-related terms.

"The passage of this repeal and ripoff bill was a defining moment for every single House Republican," DCCC spokesman Cole Leiter said in a statement. That's why the DCCC moved quickly to launch a substantial digital ad campaign to educate voters on the personal impact of this disastrous bill, and to expose the vulnerable House Republicans who supported it."

A pro-Obamacare group, Save My Care, is also rolling out a digital ad, noting the AARP's and American Medical Association's opposition to the AHCA -- and mentioning Curbelo by name.

"Congressman Curbelo: How could you do this to us?" the ad says.

The Women's March Florida Chapter, a liberal group that formed after the election of President Donald Trump, has also called for a demonstration Monday afternoon outside Curbelo's Key West district office.

Outside a South Miami-Dade Dunkin' Donuts on Monday, after checking out the aftermath of a car plowing through the storefront, Curbelo said he's heard plenty already from constituents regarding his healthcare vote.

"I've heard it all. I've gotten many messages thanking me for my vote and many people who are very upset," he said. "What I want my constituents to know is that I'm focused on improving the quality of health care in our country and on reducing costs."

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