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Gov. Scott flubbed a line on Charlottesville. When a newspaper noticed, his staff got mad.


The problem with being a politician who religiously sticks to scripted talking points is that slip-ups become very noticeable.

See: Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who on Monday appeared to echo President Donald Trump assertion that "both sides" were to blame for violence in Charlottesville.

"There's no moral authority on both sides," Scott said, according to the Naples Daily News.


His staff told the newspaper that's not what Scott intended to say. But when the Daily News reported the flub anyway -- noting the governor "misspoke" -- Scott's deputy communications director, McKinley Lewis, sent an email blast to the entire Florida press corps denouncing the story as "false."

"Governor Scott inadvertently said the word 'authority' instead of 'equivalency' while meeting with reporters in Fort Myers today and the Naples Daily News reported this as a policy change," Lewis wrote. "This is false and the Naples Daily News distorted the facts."

Except does the Daily News refer to a different "policy." It says Scott "diverged from an earlier position," because by referring to "no moral authority on both sides," Scott appeared to soften his comments from last week.

While denouncing white supremacists, the governor has been careful not to criticize Trump's widely criticized contention that counter-protesters bore some of the blame for the Charlottesville unrest.

Scott misspoke Monday in Fort Myers when he was pressed on whether he agreed with Sen. Marco Rubio, who urged Trump to place responsibility solely on white supremacists.

"As you know, it was horrible what happened in Charlottesville. It was evil. There's no place in our society for KK(K), for neo-Nazis or for white supremacists," Scott said. "There’s no moral authority on both sides. We saw white supremacists accused of killing that young lady. And I have a daughter about the same age as her.”

His office's subsequent statement said Scott has been "very clear on his stance against evil, hatred, white supremacists, Nazis and any forms of racism.

"And, he has said many times over the last week that there is absolutely no moral equivalency between the two sides in Charlottesville."