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Is Scott's standard approach - restricting flow of info, tamping down bad news - good for emergencies?

EOC Sept. 11 IrmaFloridians aren’t just facing a traffic bottleneck as they attempt to return home after mandatory evacuations from the storm, they are also craving information as Gov. Rick Scott’s office tightly controls the flow of developments and delays the release of bad news.

How many search and rescue operations had been conducted by state teams? Which roads are closed or blocked due to flooding? Which gas stations received a state highway patrol escort to receive gas? Which evacuation routes are facing fuel shortages? Which assisted living facilities were evacuated because of no generators?

State officials acknowledged Monday they track this data, but they wouldn’t make it available to the public. Story here. 

Photo: The Florida Emergency Operations Center on Monday, Sept. 11, as seen through the media room.  For the first time since the room was built for media access, reporters have been excluded from hearing the daily briefing reports of state emergency managers. The governor's office says they are protecting "military movements."