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Miami's mayor trying to fly back from Argentina ahead of Hurricane Irma



With Hurricane Irma roaring slowly toward Florida Wednesday, tens of thousands of people are likely making plans to potentially get out of Miami.

Not Tomás Regalado. He's trying to get back in.

Miami's mayor left town last weekend, flying to Argentina as part of a city delegation attending a business conference in Córdoba. When he left, the storm was already a major hurricane but still far away, with its path uncertain.

But by Tuesday, Irma was on a path toward South Florida and Regalado was trying to find a flight back home in order to be in his city when the storm passes. He said in a text message Wednesday morning that he's found a flight back to Miami from Buenos Aires that should land him at Miami International Airport around 4 a.m. Friday.

He'll miss the bulk of the city's hurricane preparations, but said that as an executive mayor his duties aren't to set the city's emergency preparation plans in motion anyway.

"This trip was in the works for six months. Yesterday, we signed an agreement with the mayor and the governor and just this morning we had 150 business persons to invest and trade," Regalado texted to a reporter. "I believe that my only role would have been in the media. I have been talking to [City Manager] Danny [Alfonso] several times in the last two days. I believe that I have to be there to be on the street Friday and Saturday and more important and necessary [in] the aftermath. We can't do anything about the trajectory but we have to do everything after the fact."