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October 18, 2016

Obama discredits Trump's charges of 'rigged' election citing Florida

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WASHINGTON - Blasting Donald Trump's complaints about a "rigged" election, President Obama today invoked the state of Florida and Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

"I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place.  It's unprecedented.  It happens to be based on no facts. Every expert, regardless of political party, regardless of ideology -- conservative or liberal -- who has ever examined these issues in a serious way will tell you that instances of significant voter fraud are not to be found; that, keep in mind, elections are run by state and local officials, which means that there are places like Florida, for example, where you've got a Republican governor whose Republican appointees are going to be running and monitoring a whole bunch of these election sites.  The notion that somehow if Mr. Trump loses Florida it's because of those people that you have to watch out for -- that is both irresponsible, and, by the way, it doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you'd want out of a President.

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Emails show Clinton team considered Tallahassee mayor for VP

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Among the illegally hacked emails of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta was a list of potential running meets he put together in March. Only one Floridian made the list: Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, 37, a rising star in Florida politics who apparently had risen considerably higher than we realized. 

Gillum does have a national network of influential friends and allies, including major donors and fundraisers, though his work with People for the American Way. Initially he was the only Floridian selected to speak at the Democratic National Convention this year.

--ADAM C. SMITH, Tampa Bay Times

Clinton plans Florida swing early voting starts next week


The start of early voting will bring Hillary Clinton to Florida for two days next week, her campaign announced Tuesday.

Clinton will be in town next Tuesday and Wednesday. In-person early voting begins in several big counties, including Miami-Dade and Broward, on Monday.

As part of her trip, Clinton is scheduled to attend her "final" Florida fundraiser Tuesday night at the Pinecrest home of donor Chris Korge. No public Clinton events have been announced yet.

Democratic poll suggests Trump fallout might be hurting at least one Miami Republican


Donald Trump’s rough weeks on the campaign trail might have hurt at least one down-ballot Miami Republican, according to a new poll that shows U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen’s advantage has shrunk over her Democratic challenger, Scott Fuhrman.

Ros-Lehtinen, a veteran congresswoman, still tops Fuhrman, a first-time candidate, by 9 percentage points in the Frederick Polls survey commissioned by Fuhrman’s campaign. But her 41-32 percent lead is smaller than the 57-38 percent margin she held in September, when Frederick also polled the race — showing some voters have shifted from backing Ros-Lehtinen to feeling undecided.

When pollsters tested negative messages against Ros-Lehtinen, the contest flipped to 40-31 percent in Fuhrman’s favor.

Fuhrman’s campaign shared much of the poll and details about its demographics with the Miami Herald, but wouldn’t publicize the messages tested against Ros-Lehtinen. Fuhrmanhas aired a TV ad attacking the congresswoman as out of touch because of her hardline position on U.S. policy toward Cuba.

But a bigger reason behind the drop in Ros-Lehtinen’s support could be Trump. In the poll, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s popularity among voters in Ros-Lehtinen’s Democratic-leaning district also fell.

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Ryan: We're going to keep U.S. embargo against Cuba

Cuba- paul ryan
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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul D. Ryan left little doubt about his current stance on the Obama administration’s warming ties with the Cuban government. He’s not a fan.

“The Castros continue to jail pro-democracy activists at a rate of hundreds per month, yet it is full steam ahead for the Obama administration’s efforts to appease this oppressive regime,” Ryan said in a statement Tuesday morning.

It’s a bold statement by the speaker and indicating a leadership strong position against President Barack Obama’s rapprochement with Cuban and public campaign to lift the embargo. Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, blasted the Obama administration’s latest round of regulatory changes meant to chip away at the U.S. embargo against Cuba and ease trade and travel with the island nation.

The strong rhetoric by Ryan on Cuba appears to be increasing. Ryan has spoken out more in recent years against what he’s called “appeasement” by the Obama administration. It’s a shift after being criticized for his earlier support for lifting the embargo.

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Photo credit: John Hart, Associated Press

Murphy elaborates on old Facebook photo Rubio brought up in debate

Campaign 2016 Florida (3)

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TAMPA -- The Facebook photo has been circulating for weeks among GOP circles: a fresh-faced Patrick Murphy sitting at a table with one arm around a woman and a few fingers of his other hand apparently on her breast.

During Monday night's debate, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio tried to use the photo as a weapon against Murphy, a Democratic U.S. House member running to unseat the West Miami Republican.

Murphy has criticized Rubio for his support for Donald Trump, especially after allegations about Trump's treatment of women. In the latter half of the debate, Rubio turned the tables and referenced Murphy's photo, calling it "inappropriate behavior." Murphy appeared flustered.

On Tuesday, Murphy, 33, dismissed the photo as an artifact from his early 20s and said Rubio's attempts to use it against him were "low" and "desperate."

"Look, when Donald Trump goes low, Marco Rubio goes lower," Murphy told reporters after a campaign event in West Tampa. "This is a picture with my girlfriend from my 20s, a college girlfriend. I dated her for four years, and we were at dinner."

Murphy graduated from the University of Miami in 2006. He first ran for the U.S. House in 2011, winning his Palm Beach County-Treasure Coast seat in the 2012 election.

"Look, Marco Rubio showed just how desperate he was last night by trying to wiggle, and got himself in this knot about Donald Trump," Murphy said. "He's trying to pivot and change the subject. It was very clear to me how uncomfortable Marco Rubio was when talking about Donald Trump and someone who's bragging about sexually assaulting women. It's unbelievable to me."

Asked later to elaborate on the date and circumstances of the photo, a Murphy spokesman said the campaign would let the congressman's words stand on their own.

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DSCC pulls last remaining ad support for Patrick Murphy

Murphy primary nite 1 - richard graulich pbp


It's official: The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee won't be helping Democrat Patrick Murphy at all with TV ads during the general election campaign this fall.

The committee this week started cutting the remainder of its reserved ad time -- worth about $2 million -- which had been planned for the final week of the election.

The decision was not unexpected, because the DSCC has been gradually withdrawing its money from Florida since early September when the committee had initially claimed it would shift its resources to closer to Election Day. (It didn't.)

The group had, this spring, reserved $10 million in total ad time to support Murphy, a two-term congressman from Jupiter who the DSCC was quick to endorse after Murphy declared his candidacy in spring 2015.

However, this fall, the DSCC's dollars were re-directed to other states with competitive Senate races, as Murphy struggled to gain ground on Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

While Republicans were quick to link the DSCC's decision with Murphy and Rubio's first debate on Monday, DSCC spokeswoman Sadie Weiner said in an email the decision to cut the remaining dollars was made before the event.

She said it was "absolutely not a reaction to the debate. Patrick did incredibly well."

The DSCC's decision comes as a new poll was released Tuesday that showed Murphy within 2 percentage points of Rubio. It was conducted in the week prior to the debate.

Earlier this month, a Democratic super PAC, the Senate Majority PAC, also pulled about $6 million of its planned $10.5 million ad support for Murphy.

Photo credit: Richard Graulich / Palm Beach Post

Ben Carson gives wrong early voting start date in Florida



Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson's group is publicizing the wrong date for the starting of early voting.

A press release today from My Faith Votes, Carson's group which aims to get Christians to vote, says "early voting starts tomorrow in Florida."

No, it doesn't.

And ironically, Carson's press release links to the state Division of Elections website which shows that the early voting schedule can vary depending upon the county but it must begin at a minimum on the 10th day before the election which means Oct. 29th. The earliest date that counties can begin early voting is Oct. 24th -- both Broward and Miami-Dade counties will start that day and offer the maximum number of early voting hours.

From Carson's press release:

"As hard as is it to believe, the election is just around the corner. Finding time on Election Day (November 8th) can be difficult and sometimes impossible.  But with early voting, you can skip the lines and pick a date and time that works best for you.
I noticed you live in Florida, so for you, it literally is around the corner. Starting tomorrow, you can vote early and in person."
Carson, who lives part time in West Palm Beach, has endorsed Donald Trump.
We aren't certain what deadline Carson had in mind for Oct. 19th. Today is the last day to register to vote. 
A spokesperson for My Faith Votes told the Miami Herald in an email this evening that the email about early voting was sent in error and it sent a new email correcting the information:

"You may have recently received an email from My Faith Votes reminding you that early voting was about to begin in your home state of Florida. The email incorrectly stated that Florida early voting begins on October 19th. Early voting in Florida actually begins the week of October 24, with the specific date depending on the county in which you live."

Photo by the Associated Press




Poll: Rubio, Murphy in dead heat for Florida U.S. Senate seat

Rubio murphy


The most recent poll from Quinnipiac University finds Republican incumbent U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio's lead over Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy has narrowed to just 2 percentage points -- making it a dead-heat about a month out from Election Day.

The poll, done Oct. 10-16, found Rubio with 49 percent support, compared to 47 percent support for Murphy. About 4 percent were undecided.

The last Quinnipiac poll done in late September had Rubio with a 4-percentage-point lead.

Rubio has led every poll since June by various margins. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll conducted earlier this month also found Rubio with a 2-percentage-point lead.

None of Quinnipiac's polls have included Libertarian Paul Stanton or the four independent candidates who will also be on the ballot: Tony KhouryBruce Nathan, Steven Machat and Basil E. Dalack.

Photo credit: AP / Palm Beach Post

Marco Rubio, Patrick Murphy and the debate over Donald Trump

via @learyreports

At times Marco Rubio was, well, robotic.

And Patrick Murphy was dazed by an uppercut.

Both instances in Monday night’s U.S. Senate debate came courtesy of the man hanging over race: Donald J. Trump.

Rubio knew he would face questions about Trump and was prepared to distance himself from him - repeatedly, without giving an inch to Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t trust either one of them.”

“On this stage tonight, there’s only one person that’s ever run against Donald Trump and tried to defeat him and that was me. There’s only one person on this stage tonight who’s ever voted against Donald Trump and that was me.”

“If there are any kids in America who understand what a horrifying choice America has in this election cycle, it’s mine, because they’ve lived through it over the last 14 months.”

“Not the most inspirational choice we’ve ever had in America history in terms of these two candidates.”

“This election is a disturbing choice.”

“A difficult and less than ideal choice.”

“Donald Trump was not my first choice, or even my 10th choice.”

“Two less than ideal options … Two deeply flawed candidates.”

“I have deep reservations about the nominee of my party.”

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