August 10, 2016

Broward activist ejected from Democratic club meeting for confronting Patrick Murphy



A liberal activist in Broward County was booted from a local Democratic club meeting Tuesday night after confronting U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy about why Murphy won’t debate his primary opponent, Alan Grayson.

Joe Kreps, a Grayson supporter from Plantation, challenged Murphy to explain why he backed out of the debate with Grayson this week, the only one planned ahead of the Aug. 30 primary.

“All I wanted was an answer to my question.... It’s got to stop. Somebody’s got to stand up and say, ‘stop hiding,’” Kreps said.

But others at the Plantation Democratic Club’s meeting — which included a friendly audience of Murphy supporters — said Kreps was out of line for forcing his question on the Jupiter congressman. The club’s acting president, Ralph Rickel, on Wednesday admonished Kreps as “a real wackadoo” and an embarrassment.

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With few public events, Patrick Murphy under fire for avoiding voters

Senate 2016-Florida (2)


Democrat Patrick Murphy talks often about needing to introduce himself to Florida voters. To illustrate his efforts, the U.S. Senate candidate has, for months, claimed an aggressive campaign schedule — “dozens and dozens” of events from Key West to Pensacola in the past year.

But this summer, the Jupiter congressman has actually had relatively few public campaign stops — prompting opponents to accuse him of hiding from voters with less than three weeks to go before the Aug. 30 primary and as mail-in ballots are already being cast.

Based on media reports, campaign announcements and social media posts by Murphy, the Herald/Times identified just 14 campaign events Murphy has made publicly known between June 1 and Aug. 9. More than half of those were since July 25, the week of the Democratic National Convention when Murphy ramped up his campaign.

By comparison, Republican Marco Rubio has had at least 23 public events since July 18, and Democrat Alan Grayson has had at least 27 campaign stops since July 3.

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August 09, 2016

Barack Obama signs fundraising email for Patrick Murphy

Obama (4)


Patrick Murphy's U.S. Senate campaign sent out a fundraising plea to supporters today that was signed by President Barack Obama.

The text of the email -- sent just after 11:30 this morning -- largely mirrors a TV ad Obama did last month for the Democratic congressman from Jupiter.

"With all that's at stake, we need Patrick Murphy in the Senate. But he’ll need your help to get there," Obama's email reads. "Patrick stands up to Republicans on behalf of our shared values. It's why they're attacking him. They know he can win in November and help Democrats retake the Senate, and they’ll spare no expense to defeat him."

Murphy has relied heavily on the White House's support in his campaign for Republican Marco Rubio's U.S. Senate seat.

In the upcoming Aug. 30 Democratic primary -- where mail-in voting is underway -- Murphy faces U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando and Miami labor attorney and former naval officer Pam Keith. Former assistant U.S. attorney Reginald Luster of Jacksonville and California real estate developer "Rocky" Roque De La Fuente of Orlando are also on the Democratic ballot.

Photo credit: President Barack Obama is greeted by, from left, Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, and Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez upon arriving at Miami International Airport in early June. Andrew Harnik / AP

Patrick Murphy to speak to Democrats in Broward County


Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy is addressing a Democratic club in Broward County tonight.

Murphy is poised to give a short speech and possibly take questions from audience members during the Plantation Democratic Club's monthly meeting.

The event starts at 7 p.m. at the Diecke Auditorium at Hoffman Park in Plantation.

This will be the third local Democratic club Murphy has spoken to in the past couple weeks, as he ramps up his public presence on the campaign trail ahead of the Aug. 30 primary. In late July, he addressed the Democratic Women's Club of Bay County in Panama City and the Marion County Democratic Party in Ocala.

August 08, 2016

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer endorses Patrick Murphy


Orlando's Democratic mayor, Buddy Dyer, has endorsed Patrick Murphy in Florida's U.S. Senate race.

The endorsement adds to the plethora of establishment backers that the Jupiter congressman has, and it's notable because Murphy's main rival in the upcoming Aug. 30 primary -- fellow U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson -- lives in and represents parts of Dyer's city.

The Orlando mayor hailed Murphy as "the leader that my city and our state needs in the U.S. Senate."

"More than ever, we need leadership from our next U.S. Senator and I know that Patrick is the man for the job," Dyer said in a statement released by Murphy's campaign.

August 06, 2016

Alan Grayson urges Zika funding during Miami Gardens town hall


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During a South Florida town hall stop Saturday, U.S. Senate candidate Alan Grayson called for Republicans to pass President Barack Obama’s $1.1 billion Zika bill before the virus spreads further.

“This is not just a problem for today or a problem for tomorrow,” Grayson told the crowd of around 60, “it’s a problem for the next 80 years.”

The rest of the event was filled with questions from a friendly audience whose main quarrel with Grayson was that he didn’t fight back against attacks hard enough.

One audience member brought up the allegations of spousal abuse leveled against Grayson recently, which he called “nonsense dredged up from literally 20 years ago.”

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Patrick Murphy won't commit to town-hall meetings


While Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson plans to host a town-hall meeting in Miami Dade County on Saturday afternoon, his main primary opponent, Patrick Murphy, won't commit to holding any for his campaign.

"We've been doing all sorts of events, as you've seen here," Murphy said Friday afternoon -- following a private fundraiser and an unannounced campaign stop with Vice President Joe Biden at a small, local restaurant, which was largely occupied by invited guests and Democratic supporters of Murphy's.

"I've been doing dozens and dozens of events around the state, all sorts of sizes, meeting as many people as humanly possible," said Murphy, a two-term congressman from Jupiter, who's the front-runner in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate and the party establishment's favored choice.

When pressed on whether town-hall meetings, specifically, were in his plans, Murphy said: "Call them whatever you want. We meet people all the time, doing events, going to restaurants like this. I'm running a grassroots campaign, going left to right, up and down from Key West to Pensacola, meeting people."

Murphy offered a similar non-committal answer to a Times reporter on Thursday -- a day after Murphy backed out of the only scheduled debate with Grayson ahead of the Aug. 30 primary. (Murphy said he didn't want to give Grayson a platform for his campaign, because Grayson's ex-wife recently accused him of domestic abuse during their 25-year marriage that was annulled last year.)

Aside from the Biden events, Murphy's campaign announced just two events this week, both on Thursday: a press conference in Tampa announcing the endorsement of U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor and an Orlando press conference with a parent of a Pulse shooting victim to criticize Republican incumbent Sen. Marco Rubio over gun control reform.

Town-hall meetings typically involve an elected official or politician interacting directly with their constituents by taking their questions and providing answers in a public setting with an audience.

Grayson is from Orlando. His event on Saturday begins at 4 p.m. at the Stadium Hotel in Miami Gardens. The topic is on the Zika virus -- for which Miami is Ground Zero for the first local transmissions in the U.S. -- and what Grayson calls "the wholly inadequate public health response from the federal government and state of Florida."

Photo credit: Walter Michot / Miami Herald

August 05, 2016

Joe Biden: Democrats have 'a genuine quality candidate' in Patrick Murphy

Biden murphy 3 _ 080516


The last time Vice President Joe Biden was in Florida campaigning for Patrick Murphy, the dynamics of the state's high-profile U.S. Senate race were very different.

That was in mid-May.

Before incumbent Republican Marco Rubio decided to seek re-election after all -- up-ending the status quo of Florida's Senate race.

And before Murphy's campaign took a hit from multiple media reports that revealed Murphy had inflated his academic and professional credentials by either incorrectly stating them or by omitting a full explanation of his pre-congressional experience.

Murphy remains the Democratic front-runner out of a field of five, but in hypothetical match-ups against Rubio, Murphy is now behind by double-digits, instead of edging out the Republican pack as he was before Rubio jumped in.

But what hasn't changed since Biden's last visit is Biden's glowing support for Murphy, a 33-year-old, two-term congressman from Jupiter.

On his third visit to Florida for Murphy since March, Biden on Friday continued to shower Murphy with praise -- touting Murphy's youth and the need for Democrats to take back control of the Senate in November.

"It’s really important that we win back the United States Senate, no matter what the outcome of the presidential -- and I think we’ll do well in the presidential -- but there’s so much at stake in terms of the Senate," Biden said, while speaking to reporters as Murphy and Biden made an unannounced stop at O'leans Cafe across the street from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee on Friday afternoon.

"I feel pretty good across the board, starting off, because I think we got a quality candidate, a genuine quality candidate," Biden said of Murphy.

When a Herald/Times reporter asked Biden for his thoughts on the media reports about Murphy's embellishments, Biden was quick to defend Murphy and dismiss the issue.

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August 04, 2016

Biden fundraising Friday in Miami for Wasserman Schultz, in Tallahassee for Patrick Murphy

Bidenmurphy1 0512


For the third time since March, Vice President Joe Biden is returning to Florida to campaign for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy — this time in Tallahassee.

A source close to Murphy’s campaign confirmed to the Herald/Times that Murphy and Biden are scheduled to attend a fundraiser together around midday Friday at the home of Don Hinkle, a Tallahassee personal injury attorney and prominent Democratic donor.

No details are available about any public campaign stops Murphy and Biden might make while the pair spend the afternoon in Florida’s capital city.

But Biden’s prior campaign trips with Murphy — first in Miami and then in Orlando — included an unannounced stop at a local restaurant.

After traveling to Tallahassee, Biden will fly to Miami to headline a a fundraiser in Coconut Grove for beleaguered Weston U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who last week resigned her post as Democratic National Committee chairwoman amid controversy over leaked emails.

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Photo credit: Vice President Joe Biden campaigns with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy at an Orlando restaurant in mid-May. Kristen M. Clark / Herald/Times Tallahassee bureau

Patrick Murphy vows to make himself available to voters, even without debate


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YBOR CITY — U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy defended his decision to cancel a debate in his bid for the Senate and said he still will put himself out for questioning through other campaign forums.

Asked for specifics during an appearance Thursday, Murphy mentioned only campaign events scheduled in the next few days — a newspaper editorial board meeting, a news conference on gun violence in Orlando and a fund-raising event in Tallahassee.

He did not answer directly when asked whether he will schedule public town halls.

"I've been traveling the state for over a year now, zig-zagging, doing dozens and dozens of events, some big, some small," Murphy said during an appearance at Hillsborough Community College's Ybor City campus, where U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa endorsed him. "I'm going to continue to be out there."

Murphy, a congressman from Jupiter, stood by his decision to cancel a debate scheduled before the Aug. 30 primary with fellow U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson. Murphy said allegations Grayson had abused his ex-wife should disqualify him from public service.

"The truth is I've been hearing from so many survivors, individuals and groups saying 'Patrick, you cannot give Congressman Grayson this platform to legitimize his campaign,'" Murphy said. "To continue letting him have a voice while so many people are suffering out there, I couldn't, in good conscience, do that."

There are three other candidates in the Democratic primary but they were not invited to the now-cancelled debate. That was the decision of the debate sponsor, WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando, and was based on their low polling numbers, Murphy said.

Murphy had rejected earlier calls from the three candidates for more debates before the primary.

"We agreed to a debate with Congressman Grayson 10 days ago, and the only thing that's changed from that point till now are allegations of 20 years of domestic violence," Murphy said.

Photo credit: Anastasia Dawson / Tampa Bay Times