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A Facebook party gone awry

What if you had a party and no one showed up? Most people would probably be crushed, right?

But what if you had a party where you just invited people you knew from Facebook? Say, 700 of your closest FB friends? That's what happened to the writer of this New York Times story published last week.

It was fascinating to me because it brings up the interplay between life in the "real" world and life online. But it also highlights how you friend people. I'm fairly cautious about who I friend on Facebook -- I don't really accept friend invitations from people I haven't met. (I mean, I accept Friend requests from people I met once, for sure, but not usually strangers). What's your take?


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Pre facebook, I remember group email chatter about a party at a restaurant when I moved to a new city. Two people showed up. Online is very flakey!

I only befriend on FB people I'm actually friends or family with, so it would be a small but awesome party for sure.

I think this article certainly highlights the REALITY between online life and life. I personally would not show up to an event described in the article and I don't facebook friend someone I don't know. Real friends, community and relationships are still something I think human beings need and online will never replace that.

Yeah, I send out invites to over 400 people, twice a day, for myspace and facebook, along with personal email for the campaign updates.

Do I get responses? Posts on my blogs? Not usually! And out of all those people, only about 5 have been rude.

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