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Poking your boss...

Ok, so a few people brought up the fact that in our first column we didn't actually SAY what we thought about poking your boss.

Hey, we said it was tricky. Bridget and I both think it depends on your workplace and your relationship with your boss.

My direct editor is actually my friend on Facebook -- in part because we were FB friends before he became my editor. We poke each other, but it's kind of a joke because we've talked about it -- it was actually one of those conversations that started this whole blog/column idea. (This was way back when throwing sheep was in vogue). And when he's having a bad day or vice versa, it's kind of a hey, "I'm sending you a cheer up" message.

But our workplace (by that I mean the newsroom at The Miami Herald) is a fairly casual office environment.

p.s. This brings up another netequitte/pet peeve of mine -- I don't like it when people blog about you without asking if that's okay first. So yes, I asked my editor for his permission to talk about him in this blog post. (Obviously, he said yes.)


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What are your thoughts on blogging about someone without mentioning them by name? And how many folks have blogged about you without asking first?

Hi! Thanks for commenting. Because this is meant to be primarily an advice column, I think it's ok not to mention people by name, especially if they prefer that. I would want them to share their name with me, so at least Bridget or I know they are actual people. But that's just because I see this as an advice column where it can be a bit sensitive talking about people. I wouldn't think that way for just a regular blog.

I had a situation a while back where someone blogged about me and didn't ask -- and it was all about a work thing. Of course I mentioned to that person that I wasn't thrilled about the blog post. And it made me realize that I never want to do that to anyone else.

I think this is a great blog because the social etiquette with the online world is a tricky factor! Soo, This is unrelated to the above question, but I had an idea regarding a future topic.

Increasingly networking online is an important way to land a new job. My Mom and I were having a discussion about the proper etiquette on linkedin or facebook regarding your goal or current status. For example her and I are both actively seeking new employment and we want certain connections to know that, but some connections at our workplaces might not need to know that info. What do you do?

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