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To boldly poke where no co-worker has poked before

Ever been poked by a co-worker and didn't know what to do? Then this blog is for you ... especially if you have no idea what we're talking about.

Here we'll discuss social networking etiquette as it relates to the working world. For the record, poking is a virtual way of getting someone's attention on Facebook. It's a tricky move.

Someecards_facebookpicsToo often Niala and I find ourselves cringing over social network faux pas being committed in networks like Facebook and Linkedin. But it's understandable, since social networking is a new frontier for many. We want to use this blog to clear up some of the dos and don'ts. And for that gray territory, we want to hear how you would handle things.

Read our first column with basic tips for bosses and workers in today's Miami Herald.

In the meantime, e-mail us your questions, comments and tales of awkward business netiquette to

And here's a poll just to get things started:


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This is a great idea for a blog. Keep the posts coming!

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