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Stupidity in Facebook

Sometimes I feel like there aren't many people out there talking about how insensitive people can be online, so I was really pleased to come across this post entitled "How Not to Be a Jerk in Facebook", especially since its by Chris Brogan -- I'm a fan of his blog on social media. He's made a few relevant and funny points about people misbehaving, artfully captured with screen shots of their offenses. Check it out, and let me know...what are some of your pet peeves about social networking?


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People who just up and delete you, though you may have known them for years or you're related to them, just because they didn't like what you sent them, even when you've sent them things like it before.

I feel like social networking is hit or miss... you will have a handful out of 300 who can be a royal pain in the behind, but then you will have about 10-20 that you email directly.

Though there are no hard and fast rules, even when you think that you know someone or that they've accepted your posts before, doesn't always mean they will have a conversation, or even give you a notice that they are dropping you as a friend. This seems very cut throat, when online may be the only accessible way to communicate with someone on a daily basis. Myspace doesn't have a filtering setting and neither does youtube, so you get a lot of spammish/useless email, like someone posted a comment to your profile... (really? I can read that I do have a comment icon) and people who want to post vulgar comments on your profile, or who private message you, when they can't comment on your videos.
It's almost as if you have to set everything to private, if you want any peace, but working online marketing my art, I just can't do that!
Facebook doesn't really do much for me, except it has the built-in chat box, but it is boring to me. Also, Facebook has been overrun with time-consuming applications that myspace is now starting to use.

*Because it is a "social and public" network, people will try to cause drama for you anywhere you leave a loophole. If it's not your profile, they are harassing your friends, or trying to outdo your comments on other peoples' profiles... it is a lot of trouble, and usually not worth the headache.

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