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They're just not into you...getting rejected online


    Rejection is rough -- and it doesn't hurt any less when it's done virtually.

Here's a question that relates to refusing or rejecting a friend or connection request on a social network site:

Why do we take it so personally when someone such as a former high school friend rejects your friend request? It happened to me, and I must admit that it still bothers me. This person has accepted other people from the same circle of friends but not me.    


''Friending'' is a highly individualized process. We've said it before, but it bears repeating: Everyone has different reasons for using social network sites. People also have varying levels of dedication to the sites and may not be as voracious as you. Rejectees shouldn't feel so bad.

If you're talking about co-workers, it's probably best to maintain similar behavior online as you have at work. If you want to be civil to everyone in your workplace, keep it up online. If you don't really want them to be your friend, to avoid an awkward situation add them under a limited status.

We both dislike people who nag you about requests, both virtually and in real life.

One word: don't. You may have different standards for your social network than they do, and you should respect that.

When it comes to accepting or rejecting, keep this in mind:

If you don't want a professional or work contact to hang with you on Facebook, extend an invitation to them on LinkedIn. Odds are, they won't notice you never accepted their Facebook request. And if they do point it out, they're the ones who lack tact -- direct them here!


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