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Thinking about a job at the White House?

President-elect Barack Obama has been widely credited with innovative use of technology that helped him get elected to the White House, and it looks like he's maintaining at least some of that tech savvy in terms of who can be hired in the new administration.

The application process for the job may be the most "extensive" ever, according to this New York Times story about the job process. The process includes looking at family members, but what caught my eye was how much they are vetting people's online lives. Like what? According to that story:

  • Any potentially embarrassing emails
  • Links to blog posts and Facebook pages
  • A list of "all aliases or 'handles' used to communicate on the Internet"

Pretty extensive. And probably what any thorough employer is doing these days, besides the quick Google search and Facebook, MySpace perusals. Could this become a new hiring standard?


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