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Weed out your friend list and get a free Whopper

Bridget and I just had a great time sending up some people in flames for a free Whopper. It's a new promotion by the folks over at Burger King who have created a Facebook Application aptly titled the "Whopper Sacrifice." When you defriend 10 people, you'll get a coupon for a free Whopper.

Nialawhopper Ok, fair and obvious warning for the world of Netiquette: This clearly is not the best thing to do to coworkers, because the people you defriend are told what you've done. As soon as Bridget watched my profile picture burn up in flames, with the tagline: "You liked Niala. You love the Whopper", I got a notification that said basically the same thing.

But it's pretty funny. Bridget reports that she felt extreme satisfaction watching some people go up in flames. (About half of the people she burned are really close friends, and did it as a joke. The other half... well... sayonara!) We both secretly wish we could do this to more people, but for different reasons: I wish I could get rid of people I friended too hastily, but know they will take offense if I send them up in flames. Bridget just wants more free Whoppers. (The application says it is limited to one coupon per profile.)


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But here's the ultimate netiquette test: Will the people you burn ask to re-friend again? And will you say yes?

I added Niala and another friend back without any hassle from the application. I'm still getting my coupon. After all, it's just a promotional application for fun.

I tried uninstalling the application and then re-installing it to see if I could get a second chance at a coupon. Alas, it doesn't work that way. Only one coupon per person. BUT you can keep deleting more than 10 people if you so desire.

I'm gonna torch my relatives from my friend's list for a Whopper. They'll be less offended than my friends.

Yet another reason that I can't stand facebook....

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