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Following people following me, via Google, Twitter and VisualCV

Just got an email from VisualCV reminding me they're about to celebrate their one-year birthday.

There are a gazillion free resumes sites out there, and I can't remember how I found the folks, except that I stumbled across the site last summer when I had to update my resume for a conference. It allows you to create a resume and embed audio, video, pdfs, etc. Especially handy for a multiHall & Oates - Private eyes copymedia journalist such as myself.

One cool feature is it lets you see how many people have viewed your resume - as well as how they find it, which is most often via a Google search. Now, I have a fairly unusual name (I love it, and thanks, Mom and Dad!), so when you Google my name, the Visual CV site is the first to pop up.

Since I've been more active on Twitter in the past two weeks, the amount of people Googling my name -- and viewing that first link, the Visual CV, has really jumped. Sometimes, when I sent out a tweet, you can track within minutes the spike of my name being Googled and the hit on my VisualCV. I don't link my Twitter account to my VisualCV page, either.

Just another example of not just the power of Twitter, but how much people really are out there using Google to check you out.


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