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MySpace founder says it will never beat Facebook

The Sydney Morning Herald has a story this morning about how MySpace co-founder Brett Brewer said the site will never be able to be as big a Facebook. But Brewer also has predictions that Facebook will be trumped by another network in two years. Reporter Paul McIntyre wrote:

"But Mr Brewer, who has left the company to set up an online ad network that deals with both companies, also warned that Facebook is likely to be usurped as the king of social networking sites within two years by another entrant which will most likely pop up with better user functionality for mobile phones."

Read the whole story here: MySpace founder concedes social network defeat

I've been with Facebook for about four years now, so it is hard to imagine leaving it completely in two years. But Brewer makes an good point about the importance of mobile. What's your take? Think it can be trumped in just two years?


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They may if rural areas start to experience a population boom, which is not at all unlikely.

I find facebook particularly annoying... I get all these requests/it's like application hell. The chat is the only thing facebook has on myspace, yet even the IM allows you the same advantages, I just don't use it that much anymore. I like myspace profile designs, and you can make your own as facebook is really boring and everyone can read anything and everything posted by anyone at any time.

I agree with how Brett Brewer said that Myspace will never be as big as Facebook. However, I disagree with his predictions that another social network will trump Facebook in two years. Mr. Brewer says that another entrant will "pop up with better user functionality for mobile phones." I strongly disagree with this because Facebook comes up with new and fresh ideas constantly. I don't think people will want to go through the hassle of creating a new profile and switching to a new social network when they are already satisfied with Facebook (and most of the people I know - especially in college - are satisfied with how Facebook functions).
In my opinion, I believe it functions well with mobile phones (like the iPhone, Verizon Voyager, etc.). I know for a fact that I like accessing Facebook on my computer than on my cell phone. But those that can access Facebook on their phone like it so they can receive notifications on the go - but I don't think people will switch social networks just because the network functions better on a mobile phone.

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