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Do you tag co-workers in the '25 Random Things' Facebook note?

How many more articles and blog posts can be written about the popularity of the '25 Random Things' note on Facebook? Clearly not enough, because this week Niala and I wanted to give our two-cents on the matter when it comes to tagging co-workers in your notes.

Now if you've been living in a cave with your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears for the past month, here's why this note is such a big deal: Facebook tells us that there have been nearly 5 million users who created notes in the last week -- more than double last week and more than any other week in the history of Facebook. And the daily number of users that get tagged in a note has increased by 5 times.

And with millions of notes made, you know people are sharing this with professional colleagues.

Which brings us to this week's Poked column, posted below for your reading pleasure:

And now, 25 Random Things About Us! OK, not really. But since a Facebook note like this has provoked such a firestorm recently, we thought we would weigh in.

If you haven't heard, the ''25 Random Things'' is an online note where you write 25 pieces of information about yourself that other people might not know about you. Usually, people tag others to let them know about it, and with the hopes they continue the process of sharing your own personal facts.

Millions of these notes have been created. Predictably, groups that hate the note have also sprung up on Facebook, including ''Boycott 25 Random Things'' and ``I Refuse to Complete the 25 Random Things List!''

We're not going to get into the merits of writing these notes. Suffice to say, there seems to be two pretty clear camps on this, and your Poked columnists are among them. Bridget thought it was self-indulgent and annoying. Niala liked reading them, because it was a way to learn more about some old friends, so she wrote one, too.

Still, both of us were surprised at some of the oversharing that went into these notes, with people baring some fairly intimate details about themselves that were subsequently made public to the Facebook world. MySpace is full of this, but many on Facebook may not be as used to this level of soul-baring.

Here's the thing: What you do in your personal life is certainly your own business. But sharing these details with co-workers can get pretty dicey -- or even worse, tagging your boss in a note inviting them into this sharing experience.

We've been fielding inquiries from angry coworkers who are upset that they've been tagged in these notes.

One worker categorized being forced to read them as ''a special level of Hell,'' in that person's words.

Which goes to show that you should think twice about who you include when the next wave of ''25 Random Things'' hits. Of course, the people who are tagged can just ignore it, but if you're a note-writer you should think twice about who you invite -- because a lot of co-workers have made it clear to us they find them annoying, akin to passing on a horrible chain letter.

And if you do publish notes, remember that you can limit who sees them.

Do all your coworkers, or the higherups on Facebook need to be among them?

What do you think? Share your 25 thoughts via email to Poked@MiamiHerald.com, or you weigh in at the comments section below.


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