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Five signs you're addicted to Facebook

CNN has a great story today about folks who are so addicted to Facebook that they become socially dysfunctional. They rather spend time in the Facebook world than the real world.

We all have times when we get sucked in to social networks. But do you worry that you might be taking it too far? Perhaps spending too much time on Facebook at work? The story has five signs that might suggest you are a little too hooked on a virtual life.

  1. You lose sleep over Facebook.
  2. You spend more than an hour a day on Facebook
  3. You become obsessed with old loves
  4. You ignore work in favor of Facebook
  5. The thought of leaving Facebook leaves you in a cold sweat

What do you think of the five signs? I think many folks are guilty of all five signs at one time in their virtual lives. Maybe you don't go into a cold sweat thinking about deleting your Facebook account, but I have a hard time imagining myself unplugged from Facebook or Twitter forever. Even while on vacation, I find myself sending trip-related tweets or checking Facebook on my mobile! (Sigh.)


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